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A Tale of Two Sisters (And more?)

Hey guys, wrote a story recently and since it fits here I thought I would post it and see what you guys think. It's the first time I've done anything like this so any criticism is appreciated. No really, please tell me what I'm doing wrong/how it could be better. I worry the beginning and end are too short, and the middle too long.

Any way, it's about a character on a Canadian cartoon, 6teen. In what I've wrote so far, Jen Masterson get raped, mild violence and brainwashing ensues.



Chapter 1
It all started off as a normal day for Jen Masterson. She got up, showered, dressed and left to go to the mall. As it was a Saturday and she didn’t have school, her boss had scheduled her for a double shift. “At least I’m one step closer to college” she sighed inwardly on her bus ride there. Once she arrived, the first half of her day was spent typically, restocking shelves and helping customers check out. As was usual, she spent her lunch hour with Caitlin at the Lemon, as she was the only one of the group there that day.
“I was thinking of dying my hair like yours Jen” Caitlin mused over her lemonade. “I mean you’re just too cute”! Jen was a typical “fit girl”, 5’9 with reddish-brown hair and a lean body. Her surprisingly large breasts were usually hidden under a sweater, but much to her embarrassment were displayed proudly in her work uniform. “I love your hair the way it is, though, I wish I could pull off strawberry blonde” Jen replied. “Uuggh, but I look so immature! I think reddish hair would make up for my height impairment”! Both girls giggled at the little joke. “Alright I better be getting back, see you” Jen said, leaving.
Little did she realize how different she would be the next time she saw her friend.
The first thing Jen noticed when she walked through the door at the Penalty Box was the group of black men hanging around the basketball section. Normally this wouldn’t raise any suspicion, Jen considered herself a modern teen and despite her upper middle class upbringing wasn’t a racist (at least not consciously). But these men were all wearing dark clothing, with their hoods drawn so she couldn’t make out their faces. As a retail veteran, she knew anyone dressed like that was much more likely to shoplift. Jen took her place behind the counter, but kept a close eye on them.

“Sheeeeit Jamal I think that lil’ white bitch is checking you out”! The largest of the group, Tyrone poked his younger cousin. Jamal, a senior at the local highschool looked up. “Who, her? Naw man I know her from school. That rich bitch ain’t got no eyes for niggas.” Jamal shook his head. “Actually though, yall might have gone to school with her sister.” He indicated the tallest, built from being a lineman on the football team.
“Haha Courtney fucking masterson. Now that was a piece of ass. Fucking racist bitch though, heard she was always calling me and Tyrone black men behind our backs.” Marcus should have gone on to the local university with Courtney, on an athletic scholarship but he got expelled after bringing a blade to school.
“Fuck, I think she caught on to us,” The leader finally spoke up. Eugene wasn’t physically unique, but his boyish good looks and singing ability meant he was rarely lonely. “Goddamn, well we better buy something or else they might call the cops soon as we leave.”
“Yeah, fuck.” Said Jamal, as he grabbed a single basketball and dribbled it toward the counter. As he put the ball on the counter he made eye contact with Jen. She obviously knew him from school, they shared several classes, but she didn’t greet him at all.
Truthfully (although she would never admit this to anyone) Jen was deeply scared of Jamal. Tall and skinny, he had an average face but tended to have girls around him because he was the only drug dealer in school. Popular because of the wild parties he threw often, it was known he liked to push hard drugs on girls once they got to know him. And once they were addicted, he easily leveraged them for sex, and whatever else his depraved mind could concoct. To the studious, shy Jen he practically exuded intimidation from his pores, doubly so because she was a virgin. Although popular enough amongst the boys, her conservative upbringing meant she was hesitant to give away her purity.
Perverted as he was however, Jamal only really targeted girls within his sphere of influence, the slutty weed-smoking type. But as Jen handed him his change and receipt, Eugene got an idea.
A terrible, wonderful idea.
“Yo can I axe you somthin’?” He said to Jen, a lecherous grin spreading across his face.
“Uhhh, sure” she squeaked hurriedly.
“Well what I gotta know is, uhh, does the carpet match the drapes?”
His 3 friends looked at him sharply, as a deep red blush spread over Jen’s face.
“E-excuse me?” Jen said, mouth agape
“You heard me bitch” replied Eugene, the smile gone instantly.
“You can’t say that to me! Get out, get out now!” Jen yelled, regaining some of her composure.
“Aight calm down, just a fucking question” he mumbled as him and his group walked out. “Yo Jamal you know a couple bitches on the female basketball team right? Well ask em if the know where Courtney used to live.”

Jen couldn’t relax the whole ride home. She had called her mom to give her a ride, but refused to explain what had happened. That afternoon was just so far outside her experience she didn’t know how to explain it. In her state of distress, it isn’t surprising that she missed the old SUV with blacked out windows parked across the street. Inside, the 4 men were passing joints and a bottle back and forth.
“Eyyy be careful yall don’t get confused” Said Jamal, patting a bottle of clear fluid next to him. “Man how the fuck you even get that shit?” Asked Tyrone. “A black man gots to have his trade secrets bruh.” The liquid was chloroform, and a key part of the plan Eugene laid out to them earlier.
“So yall have done this before right? That shit aint easy to come by” Jamal asked Eugene. “Yeah, I helped my cuz pull one of these before. She was just from the wrong block though, never on a pretty lil’ white girl like this.” “Man I just hope you know what you’re doing, I don’t wanna spend any more time inside over a little pussy,” Tyrone shook his head. Weighing in at a little over 300lbs, Tyrone was out on parole for assault charges.
“Yo here she is” Eugene spoke up suddenly as Jen walked to the door. “Now we gonna wait till dark and grab her.” He pulled deeply from a doobie.
After dinner, Jen went straight to bed, where she lay for several hours unable to sleep. Her insides in turmoil, she decided finally around 10pm to go on a jog. “I’ll be back soon, need to clear my head” she scribbled on a note, leaving it on her desk as she pictured her mom checking in on her before bed. She slipped into sweatpants and a sweater, and quickly slid down from her window.
“Oh fuck where is this bitch going?” said Marcus, watching her start to jog toward a local park. “Dumb cunt made this way easy now dawg, I know this park. Just drop me off on the other side and I’ll tell you where to go” instructed Eugene.
Jen was finally starting to relax, the rhythmic shock of her legs hitting concrete somehow giving her balance as she reached the dark, wooded park. Maybe a less naïve girl would have hesitated there, and gone home to drink some tea instead. But Jen had grown up only minutes from here, and was reminiscing about playing here as a little girl instead. She was about to find out just how much of an innocent, little girl she was.
About halfway through the park, Jen looked up to see a hooded figure standing under the only streetlamp there. Any sense of peace was shattered instantly, and without a second thought she veered down a fork in the path away from the menacing figure. As she looked toward the exit back to civilization, an idling SUV parked on the street caught her eye. Maybe the headlights just stood out in the dark, maybe her subconscious was giving her one last warning. But she ignored it. Barely 10 steps later a dark blur leapt toward her out of the brush, and before she could even scream a smelly rag was forced over her mouth. Her last sensation before blacking out was being carried down to the ground by this mysterious figure, and scraping her leg.
“Holy fuck Eugene, you a genius!” The 3 men crooned over the limp body in front of them. “Lemme just grab a quick taste, I froze my ass of out there” Said Tyrone, shoving his hand down the front of her pants. “Oh shit black man! This lil white bitch aint never been fucked before!” He exclaimed loudly. Eugene grinned and praised himself inwardly. “I sure know how to pick em! Lets wait till the bitch wakes up, don’t want to be rude now.” The 4 men cackled as the SUV sped toward the projects on the other end of town.
The first sensation Jen was aware of when she awoke was the pain from the scrape on her leg. The next was the lumpy feel of the bare mattress beneath her. As she blinked away the sleep in her eyes panic completely overcame her. The room was 4 plain beige walls, no windows and only one door, of what looked like heavy wood construction. As her eyes flitted about, she noticed dark stains on the mattress and carpet, and a radiator behind her with a pair of handcuffs strapped to it. Adrenaline shocking her awake, she started banging on the door with her fists and screaming.
The door opened, knocking her on her butt with an “oof!” And when she saw who was standing in the doorway she froze completely in terror.
“Sleep well princess?” Eugene said with a wide grin on his face.
“W-who are you? What do you want with me?” Jen’s voice shook
“Well it’s less what we want with you, and more we want…you.”
Jen went pale, finally becoming aware of the predicament she was in.
“But first lets lay some ground rules” Eugene stepped forward and slapped her hard enough to lay her flat. “See them cuffs?” she nodded, shaking uncontrollably now. “Those are punishment if you ever act up. You NEVER want to be in those.” Jen believed him.
“Then lets get started. Tyrone called you first, so you’re gonna spread those lily white legs of yours for him.”
“But I never..” “We know” he interrupted, grinning even wider. Jen shuffled backwards reflexively, her mouth wide open and tears in her big blue eyes.
“She ready yet?” Tyrone entered the room shirtless, rubbing a growing bulge through his basketball shorts.
“Strip, bitch” Eugene ordered, but it soon became clear she was shaking too badly to grip her zipper.
“Fuckin lazy nowadays” Tyrone remarked as he stepped forward, ripping off her sweater. Jen stood before them in her tight white tank top, and since she neglected to wear a bra, little was left to the imagination.
“Now why was you hidin those from us, girl?” Tyrone stepped forward and in 2 swift motions ripped off her top and pushed her pants below her knees. “Ooooh a swimmer I see” Eugene said as he beheld her shaved pussy. “And such a nice looking innie cunt you have there.”
Tyron shoved her backwards onto the mattress and pulled down his shorts, revealing his 9” long, girthy member. Jen lay there helplessly trying to cover her pink, silver dollar shaped nipples as Tyrone wrenched her legs apart and settled himself between them.
As he placed his cock at her entrance, Jen looked at him with those big blue eyes, tears flowing freely and said “Pleas- uuuuuughhhh” as the fat 24 year old black man pushed slowly insider her. “I’ll try be gentle but damn bitch, you are TIGHT!” A small trickle of blood flowed from where her innocence was ripped away. Panting heavily as she moaned in pain, Tyrone slowly worked his enormous penis all the way inside her. “Lets see em bitch” as he pulled her hands away from her tits. “Lemme guess, D-cup at least right?” Tyrone was sitting inside her, letting her get used to his size, but as she managed to nod he began to pump in and out of her.
After 10 minutes or so, slowly but thoroughly stretching out her pussy, he picked up speed for a few thrusts and grunted loudly. Jen, who had been crying quietly through this and whimpering when he hit her cervix, suddenly cried “NOOOO” as Tyrone’s hot, thick seed began flowing out inside of her. “How does it feel to be a woman?” Tyrone mocked her as he came. Finally he pulled out and cum poured out of her quickly tightening hole. Jen could do nothing but hold herself and curl up in the fetal position.
Jen hadn’t thought she would need birth control. The few boys she had dated were just that, boys. None had the courage to put their hand up her shirt, let alone get her out of her pants. Her first encounter with real men had been a rude awakening.
“So who gets to fuck her pussy next?” Jamal asked, looking down from above. Eugene took out his phone and started taking picture of the prostrate Jen. “Yall can go next, I don’t mind” he said, addressing Jamal and Marcus. “Play you in 2k, loser takes her mouth?” Marcus suggested, and Jamal agreed leaving the room together.
“Heh look at the pretty little model” Eugene teased. “My buddy Jamal can send these to everyone in your school you know? Before the cops could stop him.” Jen shivered, knowing he was right.
About 15 minutes later, Jamal and Marcus entered the room, Marcus scowling. “Bruh that 3-pointer was fucked. I should have won.” “Too bad so sad, faggot” snapped Jamal. “we both gonna nut so who gives a fuck?”
“True enough. Yo bitch get on all fours.” Jen slowly complied, still not recovered from Tyrone’s treatment. Marcus lay down on the mattress in front of Jen, while Jamal positioned himself behind her, stroking his 11’ dick to erectness. “I guess you ain’t ever sucked cock before huh?” Jen shook her head. “Well you gonna learn today. Watch those fuckin teeth first of all. Then just use your tongue and suck like a fucking vaccum, got it?” Jen took his (unwashed) dick in her hands, peeled back the foreskin and got to work. She shuddered at the taste, but controlled her gag reflex desperately while Marcus reached down and groped one of her hanging breasts.
Meanwhile Jamal was still stroking his cock, waiting till he got enough precum that he could push his way inside of her. When he first entered her she jumped, banging her teeth on Marcus’ cock. “What did I say bitch?” He shouted angrily, smashing her tit in his fist. The sudden pain cause Jen to involuntarily close her mouth, leading to her biting Marcus’ shaft again immediately. “You ain’t a fast learner huh?” Marcus grabbed her by the hair and hauled her up off his dick. “OOOOWWEEE” she shrieked, then Marcus drew back his hand and slapped her across the face. First his palm, then the back of his hand drawing blood where his nails scraped her. Jamal then began fucking her in earnest, not holding anything back. And whenever her teeth touched Marcus he would yank her off and abuse her.
Although Jamal was longer than Tyrone, he was substantially less girthy so Jen felt much less pain in her cunt. And since Tyrone had taken the time to stretch her out a little, Jamal felt like he was fucking a regular pussy rather than one that had been untouched an hour ago. Normally he would have been disappointed he wasn’t hurting her more, but the extreme kink of raping one of his classmates more than made up for it. Finally, after 20 minutes of hard fucking, Jamal grabbed her hips and went in for the home stretch. Marcus looked up as Jamal came deep inside of her. “Sheeit I ain’t even close. That’s got to change.” When Jamal had pulled out Marcus stood up, so Jen was sitting on the mattress.
Marcus looked down into Jen’s eyes, dulled by the shock of her gangrape. “Aight don’t panic bitch. You’se gonna feel like you can’t breath but you’ll be fine, hear?” She barely seemed to hear him, but was brought back to reality when he hooked a finger in her lower jaw and pulled it down, preventing her from closing her mouth. With his other hand he got a good grip on the back of her head, and started pumping wildly in and out of her throat. Although naïve, Jen had been to sex ed classes, so had on some level understood what had happened to her thus far.
This was something completely different.
Unable to form a coherent thought, as the pain from a huge cock getting shoved rudely down her throat blocked out all else, Jen began attempting to bite down on Marcus’ cock. Unable to breath, Jen’s vision was beginning to go dark when Marcus suddenly shoved her nose into his curly pubic hair. “OH FUCK black man” he shouted, pouring his steaming jizz directly into her stomach. As he slowly extracted himself, Jen collapsed onto her back, completely exhausted only an hour and a half after waking up.
All she could do was limply hold her throat, the pain in her throat and jaw being too much to move, too much to speak. After Jamal and Marcus went back downstairs, chatting about what a great fuck she had been, Eugene came up and leaned in the doorframe, holding a mug.
“no…more” Jen was barely able to rasp.
Eugene walked slowly over to her tutting and shaking his head. She flinched when he reached for her, but he only gently stroked her head.
“Shhh now honeystuff. You know we only had to do that to you to punish you.” She looked up at him in confusion. “For racially profiling us at the store yesterday. No matter how bad you might feel, that made us feel much worse.” The bruises on her face and breasts were already starting to show from Marcus’ abuse. Her virginal blood stained the mattress beneath her.
“I don’t like this any more than you do sugar. Now drink this” he pushed a steaming mug of milky tea into her hands, and she drank deeply soothing her throat. She looked suspiciously up into his big, soft brown eyes. The perfect picture of remorse, and he could tell she didn’t believe him. But she didn’t need to, not completely. Because she knew she had been staring at them in the store, his words and kind actions had planted the faintest seed of doubt in her mind. “Maybe I am to blame?”
He put her pants and underwear nest to her, along with a t-shirt for a rap artist she didn’t recognize. “And yall can shower whenever you feel ready, the bathroom is the door to the right.” Eugene smiled his most knowing, sorrowful smile and left the room.
Jen was left with the first opportunity to explore her environment. Unwilling to redress knowing what an absolute mess her pussy was, she noticed the only other feature was a pile of old blankets in one corner of the room. Looking untrustfully at the door, she curled up on them and cried herself to sleep.

She awoke a few hours later confused. Reality came crashing back along with the pain, however and a powerful need to use the bathroom. Unwilling to soil what she suspected would be her cell for the foreseeable future, she tiptoed over to the door. Suddenly self-conscious of never having seen the rest of the house (she was pretty sure it was a house because no one had come after she screamed), she slowly opened the door with a creak. What she saw was a typical hallway, 2 doors on either side and a staircase at the end of it. Totally deserted, although she could hear loud rap music playing below her.
Reminded of her condition, she hurried toward the bathroom, and was shocked by the figure in the mirror. She had purplish bruises along one jawline, and all over her breasts. The opposite check had a few fine cuts, and clearly had a few cuts inside her mouth as well. She moaned softly, running the tips of her fingers along her injuries and looked down at her crotch. Blood and other sticky residue left tracks where it had run down her thighs and then dried.
Quickly relieving herself, she turned on the shower and climbed inside. She was greeted by the sight of a variety of bottles, scented shampoo and bodywash as well as conditioner. It forced her to confront the reality that another girl must live here, and be okay with what had happened. She then proceeded to thoroughly was herself head to toe several times. As she watched the suds flow off of her aching breasts for what must have been the 6th time, her heart jumped into her mouth. Someone had just opened the bathroom door.
She stuck her head out of the curtain to see Eugene standing there completely nude. She was surprised to see his erect penis was smaller than the others, only 8” long and relatively slender.
“I never properly introduced myself, I spose. My name is Eugene, the fat one is Tyrone and the tall one is Marcus.” He climbed into the shower with her. “And I guess you already know Jamal.” She backed away as far as she could, and watched as he picked up a bottle of shampoo and slathered 2 of his fingers in it.
He gently reached down and started playing with, and lubing up her pussy. “Shhh now, don’t speak. Just trust me.” Jen looked into those beautiful puppydog eyes and was torn apart. She wanted to trust those eyes, and the kindess he had shown her. But she also remembered the cruel glint in them as he slapped her, and his lecherous smile.
“I was just showing off earlier, I’m sorry. But I can make it up to you.” Eugene bean stroking her clitoris just so, and very slowly and gently entered her. Jen was still incredibly sore. But his cock, large by any other standard fit comfortably in her gaped vagina. So as he very gently fucked her, Jen felt the faintest echoes of pleasure. And as he finished inside of her, he kissed her full on the mouth. This was as far as those other boys had got with her, but with his soft lips and probing tongue Eugene was a much, much better kisser.
“I left some dinner in your room, get a good sleep tonight ok?” Eugene smiled and left her there. Jen hadn’t realized the water was cold.

Surprisingly, Jen was largely left alone for the next 2 days as she was allowed to heal. She soon tired of looking at the wall however, so when Eugene was delivering one of her meals (it was always him), she asked for something to relieve her boredom in a stammering voice. Eugen looked abashed, as if he had forgotten and promised to bring her something to read. But a couple hours later, Jamal came in and threw some porno mage on the mattress next to her.
“Is this what Eugene said to bring?” Jen looked uncomfortably at the picture of a white girl moaning ecstatically as a black man fucker her from behind.
“Did I just here some fuckin back talk?” Jamal sneered at her
Jamal grabbed her arm hard enough to hurt, “That’s no sir or no master to you cunt!”
“No sir! I’m sorry!” Jen begged, her pussy just barely healed.
“That’s right,” Jamal stormed out of the room.
So Jen spent the next 2 days reading nothing but “true accounts” of interracial encounters. She read of married white women being used by black men, how black men were always stealing white girls from their wimpy boyfriends. She read of white women happily giving up their regular lives to bear as many half-caste children as they could.
Jen wasn’t blind, and nor was she stupid. But the nerve wracking suspense of not knowing when she would be assaulted again grew with every passing hour. She was at wits end, unable to understand why they held off, and her mental defenses were exhausted.
Until at the end of the fourth day, Eugene entered as Jen was re-reading an account of a white lawyer being “bred” by a convict she was supposed to be prosecuting.
“H-hi!” Jen said, surprised since she had never been visited this late before. “What are you doing here?” Eugene said nothing, simply strode up and kissed her deeply and passionately. Without stopping kissing her, he put his hand down her pants and started touching her sensuously, dropping the bottle of lube he had been holding.
Suddenly he pulled back and looked at her. “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He stated simply, noticing her nipples were fully erect and pussy starting to get wet. Jen couldn’t understand what was happening to her body. She knew she should hate this man, but because of being forced to think of nothing but sex, and that little seed of doubt watered by Eugene’s kindness, she couldn’t control her reaction. Her body was ready for sex, aching for sex in a way she had never experienced before.
So what could she do? She gave herself over to the pleasure.
Eugene knew exactly how well he manipulated her, and was laughing inwardly as she reacted exactly how he expected. So after helping himself to some lube Eugene fucked Jen slowly, and sensitively, with plenty of heavy petting and kissing her deeply. That is how Jen experienced her first orgasm, lost in his deep brown eyes.
After making her come twice more, he finished inside of her and lay down next to her, holding her nubile body against him. “That was amazing. Thank you” Jen purred next to him, still basking in the afterglow. “But…why have I been left alone these past few days?” Eugene saw the vulnerability in her eyes and went in for the kill.
“I convinced them to stop, because I wanted you all to myself. I also wanted you to heal, and feel better.” No Jen wasn’t stupid. But she was helplessly naïve. She had been mentally broken until she loved her rapist.
Eugene spent the next day making love to her and teaching her the ins and outs of sex. He was sure to teach her keigels, to keep her nice and tight. And the next day the others were allowed to fuck her, one at a time. At first she was frightened, but Eugene had her eating out of his hand by now. She came on each of their cocks multiple times, until she was thoroughly addicted to the sensation. Bombarded and manipulated, Jen was a slut by Friday. She was trained to serve, and convinced totally of the superiority of black men. By Friday she was eating downstairs with her 4 kidnappers and rapists, smoking weed with them. Escape was the furthest thing from her mind.
They dropped her off first thing Saturday morning, to her worried parents. She explained she got into an argument with her friend, and decided to be with another friend for a while. Although worried sick, her parents knew she was a responsible, straight A student and trusted her to take care of herself.

2 weeks later, looking at her positive pregnancy test, she thought about what Marcus had asked her to find out.
“Mooom…” she called “Do you remember Courtney’s address?”