A short story

This is a short but true story.
I used to date a girl who was a total freak. She wanted to be in a gangbang etc. I introduced her to big toys and gaping and of course the idea of BBC. I was the first guy to fuck her in the ass too.
So after sometime we ended up breaking it off and we went our separate ways.
I ran into her after 2 years and we still lusted for each other. We ended up having sex but as I slipped in I noticed that her pussy had gotten a lot looser and I couldn't even hit the back wall anymore. I asked her if she had been using a big toy and she looked at me with a wicked smile and said "Nope, I just got out of a relationship with a black guy" I got so turned on. I bent her over and started eating her out and I told her to tell me more. She was telling me that his cock was "at least 3 times bigger and as thick as a water bottle". And how he felt much better than me and how he hurt her but she liked it. She was laughing and going on and on as I was sniffing her asshole and eating her pussy. I felt so humiliated but it made me rock hard. I loved it.
This was pretty amazing but it gets better. We were in the car so I turned on the light and that pretty little asshole I fucked only one tome looked blown out. I asked her about anal as I licked her ass and she said he would force it in and just drill her. We ended up fucking for hours. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life.
I hope to find a little whore like her again and a hung black bull to wreck her.