A short story of seduction, betrayal and inevitable demise

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    She came home that evening with an unusual twinkle in her eye asking with an abrupt unabashed frankness, “you know how we've often talked about your … uh … well, how small it is?”

    Looking up from his TV Albert gulped and nodded hesitantly.

    Smiling, his Sheila continued, “and you remember when you suggested we try having one of those threesomes with a black guy?”

    Sitting up to pay attention now Albert swallowed hard and had the vague suspicion that it was she who had made the suggestion but replied, “yes … but we were just playing around.”

    Sheila was the hottest girl he’d ever known much less dated. Before Sheila he had never dated much and had precious few 2nd dates. Sheila was different though. She stayed with him. Soooo sexy. Her hard body and soft touch was like a heaven he’d never known. He knew she was the one … the only one … for him. He'd already spent 6 months pay buying a ring but was waiting for just the right moment to ask for her hand. Albert never did anything impulsively.

    Albert had only met Sheila about 8 weeks earlier when she approached him at a company outing. He briefly wondered why such a woman would approach him, of all guys, but he quickly discarded the concern. The relationship instantly became white hot! Sheila unconditionally wore the pants in the relationship (even when she wore nothing at all) but he was okay with that. He couldn't see any harm. After all, physically she was a model perfect girl and he was a lowly accountant. He would never do better and he knew it. He could overlook her tendency to belittle and embarrass him once in awhile. After all, she was a goddess. Her contemptuous insults had steadily grown more pointed, personal and intense as the weeks passed, but it seemed a small price to pay for the attentions of such a beautiful woman.

    Flipping her long bleached blond hair in her usual seductive way she laughed, “Oh silly man … we weren’t just playing.”

    He cut her off, becoming a bit more concerned now, “But Sheila, I really wasn’t serious!”

    “Yeah well,” she added as she kicked her shoes off and flopped down on the couch next to his chair. “Maybe YOU were just kidding around but I’ve been thinking about it ever since.”

    Albert could see this was leading somewhere he really didn’t want to go but he had always been powerless to deny her anything. He was sooooo wrapped around her little finger and she never hesitated to remind him of it. His mind flashed back to several memories of her joking about his rather meager equipment … shattering his confidence and making him feel inadequate in bed. Albert didn't need any help to feel inadequate of course, but that sort of thing had always turned her on. Albert once had the thought that she probably was the type to enjoy pulling the wings off of flys ... but he quickly banished the thought from his mind.

    “Well baby … have you ever met your boss’s son, Leroy?” Albert nodded cautiously. With a slight giggle she informed him, “well, you don’t know him as well as I do!”

    Albert, puzzled and concerned remained quiet. “Well” she proceeded, “he and I have been … um, well you know … and believe me, he doesn’t have the same problem down there that you do!” She barely managed to stifle her glee as Albert reeled from the confession … and the accusation.

    “Anyway, Albert … he’s coming over tonight … and not just for dinner!”

    Albert choked on his words as he fought for the courage to stand up to her … to say no … to be a man ... but he failed just as he had always failed before.

    Grinning as Albert slumped submissively back into his chair unable to put a sentence together she delightedly informed him, “You might as well know now Albert, the reason you and I haven’t had sex in 3 weeks is because Leroy doesn't want me to. Leroy says you’re a loser Albert.”

    Albert was stunned silent now … his pulse pounding in his head … not even attempting a reply.

    Laughing openly, Sheila taunted, “you know Albert … he likes to fuck me on your desk … what do you think about that?”

    To her obvious amusement Albert appeared to be trying to disappear into the stuffed chair. You ARE a loser Albert … you’re a little sissy. Leroy’s been my man for over two years now. He dared me to seduce you … get you to fall in love with me… so I did it just for fun … it was soooo easy!”

    Victoriously silent she just gazed at him savoring his discomfort as her last words echoed deep into his psyche ... as he tried in vain to make sense of the events of the past 8 weeks.

    After what felt like an eternity the doorbell broke the silence. As she hopped up she fluffed her hair and giggled, “Remember Albert … he’s the boss’s son and tonight he has something special in mind for you! Really special Albert ... it was MY idea ... remember that ... it was MY idea!”

    Headed for the door she glanced back over her bare shoulder winking, “Don’t go getting yourself fired!”

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    Well, honey, looks like we have a three way cuckhold here: your the Black Kings', and your "fiance" yours! By George this might work!
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    More women need to teach white bois in this manner.
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    Fricken HOT. Gives me ideas! Where do you find such women?
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    you're giving me more ideas! :devil:

    prophetic baby. hurry back. btw, i'd never pull the wings off a fly. :rolleyes:
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    That's so fukin sick!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO
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    Great twisted tale of tail!
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    Learned- a very important lesson- on complaining. Cried about our three dogs and all the dog pattties-Don't have them now. Don't make decisions-when you are under duress depression or under a cloud.
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    Have sex with a black man -and don't stop-till it hurts again
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