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A recent encounter

We met him at a local restaurant for dinner, drinks and to see if there was the type of connection we were all three hoping for. After good conversation, lots of laughs, flirting and some mutual interest we followed him back to his house. Very shortly after getting there, he leaned over and began kissing me. Soft kisses first with carressing on my arms, my back then cupping my face in his hands. Not being to, or wanting to, resist any longer, I began rubbing his back and his chest and feeling his black cock grow inside is jeans. Hearing my husband who has been sitting next to me on the couch tell me how hot it was to see us kissing really turned me on and made me want to experience even more.

Within a very short time we were all three laying on his king size bed, both of them laying on each side of me kissing me, carressing me, telling me what I do to them and what they wanted to do to me. After he asked me if I would suck his black cock, I came up to my knees and went down on his hard cock as best I could. Isucked his cock and rubbed his shaft while my husband told me how hot it was to see the contrast of my pale white skin and my natural red hair next to his dark brown skin. Remembering that he told me earlier in the evening that he loved it when his cock was sloppy wet, I let the saliva run out of my mouth and down onto his dark cock. I kept going up and down on him, using my tongue as I got down to his balls and then back up again, sucking and rubbing my lips on him. My husband joined us and then I had a cock on either side of me- one white and one black- and I gave them both the turn they waited for letting both of them know that I was totally enjoying myself and them.

I was told to lay on my back again and he leaned in and started kissing, licking and sucking one nipple while my husband kissed, licked and sucked on the other. As he was doing this, still standing in front of me, he spread my legs apart and ran his hand up my thigh until he reached my lovely wet pussy. He used his fingers and teased it just a bit, then he brought his black cock head up to my quivering wet clit. He slowly inserted his hard black cock into me.
Now, I have from time to time been able to squirt before and I recently learned how to make myself squirt but this time was differnt. Once he started thrusting his cock into me and I let go and just let the feeling out, I began to squirt, only this time I could not stop! The squirting was uncontrollable and nothing I did made it stop. As I was squirting more and more, he kept thrusting his black cock into me more and more.By this time were were all covered in sliky wettness, the floor, the comforter, and yes even the ceiling were wet.

As the night went on, they took turns using my wet clit as they wished and telling me what to do to them. From time to time one would stand back and watch as the other thrust his cock in me and made me moan. For hours we had great sex and enjoyed watching, seeing, doing it all.
I lay, exhausted, on my stomach on the bed with my husband next to me rubbing my breasts and nipples as well as my thick white ass. When my new black friend came back into the room, he was so turned on by this and the moaning sounds that I was making, that he once again joined my husband in rubbing my body. When they could no longer take it or hold back anymore, Theytook turns and slid their hard cocks into my anal area. Both of them used my ass and pounded me once again.
Now my tight pussy and my ass have been stretched by both of these beautiful cocks.
Knowing that we had to stop, I gathered my things, cleaned up and got dressed.
I told him how much fun I had and how much i enjoyed him and then my husband and I headed out the door, to find that the sun had already started to come up.