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A real cuckold experience

my first cuck experience came while I was dating a woman whose husband was in jail. she was a beautiful hispanic women who was very outspoken and very graphic about her sexual experiences. and very coldblooded. one night after sex, she talked about her husbands arrest, trial, incarceration, and her life since he had gone to jail. she was a complete slut! while he was awaiting trial, she visited him almost everyday. she told him she missed him and didnt know what she would do without him. what she didnt tell him was that she was fucking his lawyer, one of the arresting officers, his brother and one of his friends, who had just gotten out of jail himself.i was incredibly turned on. i imagined myself in her husband shoes. i thought of her fucking my black cellmate in front of me. i thought of her visiting me in jail accompanied by a bbc and then sucking him off in the parking lot. i was on fire. i wanted to be her cuck. one day i went to a porn store and bought a couple of gay porn magazines they had photos of black men with huge cock, dressed as cops, marines, boxers. my favorite was a black motorcycle cop being sucked off by a gay cowboy. the cowboy was on his knees with nothing on except his boots. bandanna, and cowboy hat. i showed it to her and said someone left it on the bus i had ridden home from work. as she thumbed thru the pages she looking at big black cocks, she was amazed. the next day she announced she wanted some bbc. i knew several black guys i could fix her up with. i told her there was a catch. i got to watch and join in. the night of our first session, i set the ground rules. she could fuck and suck him all she wanted. but i got to eat the cum. she said okay. it was on. the session was great. no pain,plenty of dog style, confessions by her(dont ever stop fucking me). he unloaded in my mouth and every one was happy. after his performance, we never fucked again. i became her cuck and slut. when she watched me suck cock, she was mean and hostile. youre just a cocksucker arent you. Yes Ma'am. ill never forget this initial encounter. it was the start of a beautiful thing