a question for the ladies..

I would never deny her, but yes she would probably continue to see BBC. She did it for awhile without me knowing before I got on board with it..so yes.

Hedonist Ninja

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Women are driven to seek good sex. Now sex is not all of life mind you, still the female desire for sex is stronger then that of many a guy. Not just for reproduction but a lady's capacity for sexual pleasure in so much greater by default then the same in a guy. Women have those drives.

Do you know the many kinds of orgasms women can experience? That is right, kinds. Plural.

Now some black guys can sling cock and fuck like nothing else. Don't you think a woman, whose drive in naturally toward sexual pleasure seeking, would not seek out that sort of power inside of them? Many white women will love black cock like nothing else and yea, they will seek out the joy from it that they can have.

Women cheat for so many reasons. Good, bad and indifferent. To get great and thrilling sex is high on that list of reason.

They would and do.