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A question for the bulls

A question for the bulls.
After a fuck session bull ever spreads my legs or buns to show
My holes freshly fucked to my hubby and he enjoys watching it.
But bull spreads me And watches even when hubby isn't in the room. I can't imagine why.
Do you bulls out of there Enjoy watching Freshly fucked holes even if hubby isn't in the room? If yes, why?


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I can't say I have ever gazed at a pussy after I have fucked a woman. Usually post coitus I am either working at getting ready for another round, or I am making small talk while intertwined with my partner. I would rather have some conversation with my partner rather than just stare at her pussy
When Al and Rick shared an apartment during Rick's senior year of college, they were careful about taking me. It was always in their own bedroom unless the other was out. And, was going to be out for a while. After we finished, I would go to the bathroom wearing a robe. But, when was going to be out for a night class to to go to the library... all bets were off! Then, one night, the professor for one of Rick's Poly Sci classes canceled class at the last minute due to illness. When Rick opened the door of the apartment, I was atop Al, with his cock hidden completely inside of me! And, I had bite marks all over my breasts! (Al loved to "mark" me by leaving bite marks or "hickeys" on me.) Rick apologized and went on to his room closing the door. I spent that night with Al. And, that was the first time Rick got to see me "after" Al had finished with me...