A question for for experienced cuckold couples

I’m new to this site and not sure how many folks are real. However, someone might find this interesting and perhaps have experience with a question I have. My ex-wife has cuckolded her fiancé with black men and just the thought is making me crazy. She had a limited sexual background when we married and comes from a very, very conservative southern family.

Shelly and I split after 6 years of marriage (Married after college). We got married mostly because her friends did and soon discovered while we loved each other, we just had too many other interests. It just wasn’t the best fit but we divorced close friends and actually went out with each other after the divorce to movies, dinner, etc.

Shelly rented an apt and to make ends meet, had a girl from her company she worked at move in with her. One night about 2 years ago, we went to dinner and she told me over drinks her roommate Wendy had a black boyfriend. Shelly went on to say it just bothered her a bit because they openly kissed, made out, and did stuff in front of her and she wasn’t into the mixed scene. I told her if it bothered her talk to Wendy about it and if it wasn’t something they could overcome, maybe they needed to find different roommates.

I suppose it was 7 months later, we met for drinks (she lives in a different city than me), and after a couple, I asked did she and Wendy work things out or did she find a new roommate. Shelly quickly tried to change the subject which was something she always did when we were married. I probed a little more and eventually she said she was okay with Greg (Wendy’s BF) and actually he was pretty cool. In a few moments she blurted out she and his friends had a lot of fun.

I was curious about what she meant by friends and as I asked more questions she got embarrassed and asked why I was so interested in her personal life. That’s when I put it together. I had just enough drinks that I said these guys are black and you’re seeing one too aren't you? At first she didn’t seem to want to answer me but eventually she admitted yes they were and it wasn’t one guy in particular!!!

Later that night I took her back to her place (Wendy and Greg were gone for the weekend) and she fixed us another drink as I sat on the couch and said something to the affect so this is where all the wild parties go on. Before the end of the night we were back in her bedroom where we had the hottest sex we ever had while she described some of the stuff she, Wendy, Greg and his buddies did. She couldn’t believe how turned on I was and neither could I.

A short time later she met a white guy named Tommy and he really was the jealous type. He really shut our talking down completely and while we chatted a bit on Face Book now and then, I didn’t see her until a mutual friend was getting married a few months ago. She came to the wedding alone even though I had heard she was now engaged to this guy. At the reception, I did corner her long enough to ask did she still ever see her old roommate (Shelly now lives with Tommy even though they are not married). She indicated she did and I made some crack about, but I bet the parties are history. That’s when Shelly told me she still gets together quite often with Greg’s buddies and Tommy approves. She said like me, he really got turned on seeing her with them (Although I only heard about it…never saw it.) Tommy never joins in – just watches. But she said the sex they have when they get home is amazing.

I couldn’t believe this jealous guy allowed her to do that. He went ballistic when I just texted her. Then she said since I liked it so much, maybe I should get my current lady to try it. I told Shelly, Laura (my girl), would never do that. She’s not even interested in threesomes, porn, and will not even allow me to take pics of us together. She’s extremely conservative in bed although she is really gorgeous and we have great sex.

Shelly then pointed out that she didn’t think she would ever see black men, much less have black boyfriends with her boyfriend and soon to be husband approving, but she’d never consider “going back.”

I went to get us a drink and when I got back some of her girlfriends were with her and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. Ever since that encounter with Shelly, I have had so many fantasies both of what it would have been like it she would have done that while we were married and of Laura. The other night I went down on Laura and the whole time I imagined she had been with a black man and I was cleaning her up.

I’m just not sure I could ever approach Laura about these fantasies. I have googled a great deal on cuckold relationships and came across this site. Are there any people who have dealt with this? Real people? Not fantasized about it. She gets on me about watching porn on the computer so I cant imagine we could watch a movie together. I thought about seeing if there main stream movies that had interracial characters.

She has a small vibrator she keeps in a drawer and I cannot imagine her reaction if I bought a black vibrator but I thought about doing that and just pretending the color wasn’t really a factor in me buying that.

Any suggestions? I really think it would be so hot to see her with a Black man. I would love to hear if any other couple has dealt with this.