...a pregnant wife

I am new to the forum and have to say that I am glad to be here. i hope that I will have lots to share and contribute. I have recently gathered up the courage to tell my wife my biggest fantasy of wanting to see her with another guy. i have been thinking about this for about a year now and it is so overpowering that I just had to tell her whatever the consequences were to be.

She was very surprised because up until that point we realy didnt share fantasies or roleplay. Things were pretty vanilla in our sex life and my wife isnt the outgoing type sexualy as well. My goal from the when I told her my fantasy is to change her into the sexy slut that I know is hiding inside of her. I want her to be comfortable sharing her wants and fantasies and having her fullfill mine as well.

I believe she would want to start of slowly with the other guy being most likely white and a stranger, definitely no one we know. Once she has her first experience I will then start immediately talking to her about trying black and do everything I can to keep her thinking about it. i allready have some hot interracial porn that i want to show her and have purchased a blindfold and a 10inch black dildo that I cant wait to use on her.

I have given this much thought and although pregnancy isnt something to play around with as a fantasy it is something that I desperatly want from my wife. the thought of a black man unloading his potent cum into my wifes unprotected womb is all I think about these days and even when we have sex i imagine that when I am fucking her that she is actualy being fucked by a black cock ready to accept his cum inside of her. If this was just mearlly a fantasy then it should stop there, but it doesnt. It is on my mind all day everyday! When ever i see my wife wear he tight workout shorts its the first thing that comes to mind . the idea of a black lover taking those off of her and picturing her belly swell with his baby.

Sorry to ramble on, but I can talk about this forever. What do you guys think? Your thoughts, suggestions, and advice is what I need on this. Also, for anyone that has gone through with this, how did yu explain it to family and friends? that is one area that I havent given much thought to. respond here or send me a private message. We are in the chicago area.
We are not far from you... in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are a hubby in his early 60s with a very attractive Filipina wife. A little over a year ago the wife started enjoying BBC and she is about two weeks away from giving birth to her black bull's son. Hubby here had a vasectomy over twelve years ago just after our daughter was born. As hubby recognized that age would slow his libido, it was an easy decision to encourage wife to take a black sex partner. Once that was going well, it seemed natural for all activity to be bareback and risk pregnancy. We are very happy with the results.



Congratulations on your black baby! I'm so happy for you two! Blasian babies are so beautiful and so rare, though we will hopefully change that soon ;)!
Very happy for you guys. Keep us informed as you go forward. Just a quick question... How have you handled explaining things to your daughter and other family or friends?
Very happy for you guys. Keep us informed as you go forward. Just a quick question... How have you handled explaining things to your daughter and other family or friends?
Wife's family is mainly back in the Philippines. A few of her female relatives have become quite interested in becoming possibly black bred themselves as a result. Daughter is obviously half Asian/half caucasian and has accepted the idea of bi and multiracial persons. A few friends have backed away but an amazing number seem to accept things as almost a status symbol.


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I would love to have you and wifey over for a beer when fiance gets here. Maybe you could come down here to torture cowboys fans when colts beat the snot out of them? lol
Well falcondfw69.... I wish that you were closer here to the Chicagoland area. I would love to befriend a couple into the lifestyle so that the other wife would be able to feed my wife with dirty thoughts. It seams like when girls get together they are able to talk about anything amongst each other

Are there any couples in the Chicagoland area?
Hey, if it's done responsibly then great, as long as that baby is taken care of and LOVED then awesome, have at it. But there are things that factor in that most don't think of, trust me, just think it through, a lot! Kids are hard enough and this doesn't make it any easier, it's about them too, don't forget that!!

Just don't make it ONLY about the fantasy! Please.

If you decide it's for you then good luck and have fun.