A Perspective on Cukolding

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    Some people think that the husband is a wimp, a sissy or is inadequate and oh yes a small cock Ok for some that could be true ,but let’s look at it from mine and possibly other husbands view points

    When you have been married for some time the desire isn’t always there to want to have sex with your wife. Let me use an analogy your wife is like an old toy you don’t want to get rid of it but neither do you want to play with it, and you don’t mind letting someone else play with it.

    So by letting her go with other men just helps simulate you for your own gratification. and she gets pleasure as well. In short your wife is given pleasure by the other man through the permission of the husbands in short it’s not the bull calling the shots he’s there at your convenience .

    So guys black or white take a reallity check and stop believiing all the fantasy hype lol
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    There are different types of cuckold relationships, but none of this holds true when the husband has a sub personality and the wife has a dom personality. In this instance, she doesn't need/require permission from the husband, he accepts his place beneath her and she does what she wants. She may encounter another man, and sub to him or she may simply call the shots and he is there for convenience. There is a couple I played with a year or so ago and I was there for her convenience at first. However, as we became more involved, the dynamics of everything change, they became more comfortable and I was in the drivers seat.