A novice, but experienced couple!

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    Hello! We are a couple from the northeast part of the US that has an incredible sex life! We had our first IR experience a short while ago, and it was splendid! She loved it, he loved taping it! The bull was a true gentlemen, and she had a blast!

    What we learned was that she really enjoyed herself, but he wants the to find a super fat, thick black cock! She loved it deep, she really did, but the thicker and the fatter, the better! She wants to be stretched out BIGTIME! I offered the DP of the pussy, but she wants to be filled with one thick cock! In fact, she wants to be rocked by a thick cock! She wants to have her legs stretched wide, and her pussy stretched WIDER! BRING IT FELLAS! Will travel!
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    good luck too far away to help