A note to the "Bulls" and Black men on this site


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CuriousInMI , I understand your frustration and concern. Allow me to loan you my BS glasses, so you can see through the Bullshit! From experience, A Tru Bull don't need to say shit. Why? Easy Does it, will never ask how was it! So if you find yourself standing in the middle of a field of steers. Just ask one question, what makes you a Stud? Amongst steers hopefully it will be balls! Good luck.
Yah let me borrow them shits would ya! Lol. It hasn't been too bad, we're still here.
Ok I've been on this site for some time now and I continue to see something that perplexes me a bit. We all know that there are a lot of husbands here without their wives knowledge and they will have a profile with either both of their pics or their wife's pic. I wonder how many of you realize that even if it is a genuine couple, the majority of the time it is the husband who handles most of the online accounts. Yet I continue to see guy after guy approaching couples as if they are talking to the wife. You do realize that if it is in fact the husband you are talking to then he will usually just play along and what you wind up doing is having a conversation with him pretending to be her all because you made that assumption. I follow a very simple rule, whenever I see a couple's profile, I ALWAYS assume that I am talking to the husband. Trust me, if you take this route and it does turn out to be the wife you are talking to, she WILL correct you. However, if you assume that every profile with a woman's pic is actually the woman you are talking to then you will just continue to show your inexperience and the fact that you are way too eager. Just a PSA from your friendly neighborhood Bull.
Good lookin out. Great point to follow :happy: