A non BBC Story- Philippino Hyena


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Me & my girlfriend go to Philippines for holiday. She is really nice looking. She is blonde with blue eyes and she has a soft face. She has 1.72 m weight and 58 kgs height. She has a thin body with a round butt. We spent our days in hotel lazily after breakfast and later we go to swimming. At nights, we rest in our room or go and have fun outside. The weather is nice, the country is cheap and people are friendly. Specially they are friendly to the foreigners...
Eventually we meet to a local boy in a cafe. He is really friendly to us and he is so talkative and helpful. He is telling us the best places around to see and how to get there, which places are the best to eat and etc... He looks very open minded but he looks like a party boy. He has short hair on his head's sides but long hair on his top and neck. Also he wears a V neck t shirt And he always wear skinny jeans or short pants. Well actually what he wears is skinny because what he has below fills what he wears. He has thick calfs and fit butt.

Anyway, our conversation is getting longer and we get closer. He is really funny and he makes my girl friend laugh so easy and loud. This situation interests me. Then he says that he would happily guide us in the town and it makes us happy because we really needed that. He says that he has to leave but we agree on a meeting for the next day afternoon. He is going to show us some part of real life in Philippines. By the time he gets up I see my girl friend is staring at him from the top to feet and he realizes this and he let go of a laughter and then she has red cheeks. While he walks away she keeps on staring at his back till he leave out the cafe. She doesn't hear what I am saying in that moment. I don't like this anyway but I don't wanna be jealous and make problems. With all that she starts to talk about him and it is longer than it supposes to be. Then I can't stop talking and tell that I don't want to meet to him anymore. She says that I am so stupid with this jealousy. After all she convince me to meet with him anyway and we go to bed. I feel burn in my chest.

Next day, we finally meet afternoon. My girlfriend wears a low cut strappy blouse and a tight short. This time she is not shy either to show how curves she has. Anyway, we meet with him. He has a shirt which is unbuttoned till his stomach and a bermuda short which tights his beefy legs and butt. Surely he is not shy to show his strong chest and six packs. They both stare at each other this time and I hear an unnoisy "wow" from her. She asks her if he goes to gym and the answer is "yes". He looks so damn self confidence and appetiteful. After that moment I realize that I am loosing her and nothing can stop it. Then he starts to guide us. Strangely, they talk to each other mostly. I feel ignored. All day continues like that. He makes her laugh all day and he even doesn't give a shit to that I am there as her boy friend. He sees me as a teddy bear instead of a man. In the end of the day, he invites us to party for next night. He says that some of his friends are also coming. My girlfriend accepts it without asking me even. I feel mad again but all what she says is he is just friendly! Later I feel so tired to discuss about it I see her beauty and when I think I say "no way, white women doesn't find asian men attractive". I repeat it and it helps me to sl**p.

Next evening, we meet in the club which he told about. He also has some friends. They are also philippinos but couples but only he is alone. I think it is weird. My girlfriend wears a short white dress in ancient greek style and she has a silver circlet on her head. She looks like Helen in the movie Troy. Incidentally, he also wears a white t shirt and white jean (which tights his legs and butt-again). We sit and chat for a while and later somebody says lets dance! Then we go to the dance floor. We dance with my girlfriend in a boring way and slowly. After a while he appears and he starts to dance. He asks her to dance together in the next song. I say alright in order to avoid from the negative atmosphere. Then the music stops and new one starts. It is "Rubberneckin'" cover of Paul Oakenfold. Then his friends leaves a circle to them and they have space to dance. They watch them. While they dance, their eyes are locked at each other. Her blue eyes never leave his brown eyes. He touches her with her chubby dark hands. He holds her hand, he grabs her waist and her soft white hands touches her chest, hold his hand, shoulders and even some butt. People watched me so excited. Then once she turns her back to him and starts to shake her bums and she slowly get closer to him with her bum and finally she puts and throbs her bums just his pubics and in that moment she has a posture which says something like "woooooooo!!!!"(like she is very surprised of something). And he has a strange posture too... He is saying "yeeeaaaahhhh" in a tune like he won something and the friends and other philippino people around starts to scream and say "woooohoooo". I am the only who is frozen where he stands and all I can say is just "wow!". The dance last for a couple of hour and then we leave there.

After we leave the dance club, I tell them that we will take a taxi for going to the hotel. They all say that it is too early to go back and we can continue in one of them's home. Then we notice that there is not enough place for everybody and girls are decided to sit on their boyfriend's laps. Then something strange happens! He says that he will sit on front seat and she can sit on his laps comfortably. I say that she doesn't need it and she must sit on my lap but she turns to me and says " honey,you have thin legs and it hurts my butt". Then I accept it. One guy gives a high five to our philippino friend. He sits on the seat and she sits on his laps. He grabs her belly during the way and her hands sometimes touch his hands on her belly. He says he holds her belly for her safe.

Then we arrive their home. We start to chat. One girl says that my girlfriend and he looked awesome together in the club. They look so beautiful and they would have beautiful c***dren. And all others noddle. My girlfriend felt shy after this. Then she replied that if he gets her pregnant, it would be a healthy and beautiful c***d. I was so shocked of how she behaves. She was behaving like I don't exist. Then they looked at each other and smiled. Again, my girlfriend had red cheeks. After a while people decide to go to home. At this time, we have bed problem. Then he tells what I expect. He offers her to go with him to his home. She says "no" first. I say, lets go. He calms me down by saying I don't need to be jealous and he explain the logical reasons to invite her.

Then she goes to him. He has a small single flat but the furnitures are ok. She says that she wants to have a shower before going to bed. She does and leaves with a towel. Then he has a shower and leaves there with a towel too. She asks where she can sl**p. He says that there is only one double bed and the sofas are too small to sl**p and he wouldn't let her sl**p on this. Then she asks where he will sl**p. He says "on the sofa". Then she says that she wouldn't let him sl**p there either. She can sl**p with him. He doesn't object. She is with her pant and he gave her a tshirt to sl**p. Then he wears only a tight pant before sl**ping. She sits on the bed and he stands, and they talk. But she can't take her eyes from his bulge in his pant. Then he goes... He holds her hand in a macho way and stands her up. Then she put a noisy but short kiss on his lips. It repeats in the same way. Then he enters his tounge in her mouth. He starts to kiss her like he sees a woman first time in his life. He undress her. Finally his dark skin and her pale skin meets. She touches and strokes every muscle on his body. Arms, chest, shoulder... Then she sits down and take his pant off. And the pandora's box has opened! She sees one big headed, thick, agressive, rebel and proud philippino salami and balls look like mus**tel apple. Then she put that head to her mouth and starts to play with it. Then she grabs his brown fit ass. Then she sucks the big balls of him. He is a king at the moment.

After the foresex, she lies down and open her legs to him. He gets his place and start to rob his penis's head on her pussy. Then he slowly enters. She is in heaven now. He starts to penetrate her so easy. While he is moving in-out his cock, she looks at him, as if she looks at god! He starts to be much harder. She supports her with her hands and she gets orgasm but he never stops. He floods his seeds inside her finally. Then it goes...

All night goes like this. This philippino bastard does her in very way and she gets orgasm 3 times more. Some she rides him, once he rides her on doggystyle. She is surprised of seeing an asian man who has a big dangerous dick and a muscular body... And he is so excited and surpirsed of entering his meat to a white girl and make her happy and teach her who the man is. He especially can't forget the blonde is submissive to him and she just put her head on the bed and her blonde hair on the bed. He hits her wombs with his cock head and her boobs shake in every thurst. she gets the lesson... He is the man!