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A night from a Bull's eyes

This is from an encounter a couple nights ago.

It was the end of the week and my body and mind were feeling it. School and work were especially hard this particular week. I couldn't even focus in one of my favorite classes, lit. To add to all the worries of school and labor at work, all week I'd been abnormally horny. Even my unattractive teacher was looking like something to fuck at the moment. I wonder what she would think knowing while she was talking bout James Joyce I was thinking about bending her over lifting her dress and giving her my rock hard black cock. She assigned some reading for the weekend but reading dead white guys works was the last thing on my mind. I needed my cock drained. Now that's not hard being young and in school getting laid is a regular thing. I could go through my phone and probably set something up for tonight. But that couldn't provide what I needed. I needed the dynamic that the hotwife cuckold bull relationship provides. I needed to fuck a woman in front of her loving husband, I needed a woman that would cherish my BBC. Knowing that I was getting a late start with it already being friday the search for that's night couple began.

I started searching numerous sites for a suitable couple for the night. I'm not too picky but nothing really caught my eye. I even visited the mess that is Craigslist(there are some gems on there as you'll see later on) but as I supected nothing that I wanted to particpate in. I figured it was a good thing I didn't find anyone new and that I should see what some of my regulars are doing. In fact I had just the couple in mind to give me what I needed and deserved after my week. So I sent a text to cucky A (we'll call him in this) and told him to call me ASAP. Within five minutes he called me with giddy excitement knowing I would reach him for one thing and one thing only. We small talked for a bit, then I got to business asking if they were available tonight. He said it was short notice and they had no babysitter but Mrs.D loves my cock and he was sure she was up for it. I told him he'll be getting his instructions throughout the day as normal and to have my drink ready on arrival. Chuckling he said ok cranberry and vodka. Now with me and cucky A the line between bull and cuck has been blurred before. I talk to him when setting up meetings and we've talked at length about a lot of things while waiting on his wife to get ready. But today I was in a bad mood from my long week and wasn't to pleased about his laugh at a request of mine. He was in for it.

As requested throughout the day I got text messages from A showing his wife in different panties. I chose a little black get up which looked really good on her slim body. After that I got a pic showing her freshly naired pussy. It was time. I made the trip south to Olathe ready to destroy Mrs.D. Riding through the rich neigborhoods at night I always wonder what I would say if pulled over and asked what I'm doing out here. Getting ready to fuck some hot married pussy surely wouldn't do. Before I could even knock on the door it swung open and A was there glass in hand with a huge smile on his face. I grabbed the drink from him and focused in on the lovely Mrs.D. She's 39 5'7 120 lb. She had on the black lingerie with knee high black boots. She smiled and gave me a huge hug putting down her drink. I thought to myself how the fuck did this 5'6 white boy get a smoke show of a wife? Her beauty must of made me stupid for a second because one look around their big ass house was all I needed to know. He made a comment about MU going to the sec but I wasn't listening me and D were locking eyes and telling each other how bad we needed this. She was shy our first meeting which was through craigslist but now she was confident. She grabbed my hand and we went upstairs to their bedroom. I had her sit at the edge of the bed and told her to take off my clothes. She did as told and when she got to my cock my 9.5 inches was already throbbing. She unzipped me and put her wet mouth on my cock. I let a big sigh out and she started to work her mouth around me. She gives one of the sloppiest bjs I've ever got and her spit was all over me in no time. Out the corner of my eye I see A wanking his extremly small cock if you could call it that. I asked him did anyone tell you to touch your punk ass dick. He said no quietly and put his boxers back on. After a couple minutes of D's sloopy head I took the action to the bed laying on my back. I order A to disrobe his wife as she mounted me 69 style. Her thong split her pussy perfectly and the view I had is one I won't forget. As he takes off her thong it gets caught on my cock and he quips it got stuck on that tree trunk, god that thing is big. She laughed and begun to slurp my cock as I tasted her very sweet pussy. I whipped my tongue in and out of her and sucked her clit and he inched closer to get a better view. He wasn't going to get the treatment he got last time and I waved him off. Feeling her pelvis grind into my face I knew she was ready to be filled. I pushed her off got on top of her and told cuck A to place my cock in his wife. He did so quickly wanting to get back on my good side. With every inch I slid in her her mouth opened wider and wider. Once in I went to work pounding her pussy at a steady pace. The sound of our skin smacking each other filled the room. Now Mrs.D pussy isn't tight at all so it takes some work for me to get off. But she was screaming I'm cumming in no time hearing that I thrusted as deep as I could three times making her howl as loud as I've heard any woman. She layed there exhausted and I layed there with my cock hard and wet. Cuck A needed something to do so I order him to get naked and go downstairs to get me a drink of water. After a drink I was ready to get in D once more. This time I decided I wasn't going to pound her but to make love with her. I wanted A to feel as if he was the visitor watching a married couples night of romance. I got on top and started fucking her nice and slow then angled my assualt towards the right going in then right in then right. She loved it so I started to whisper in her ear and nibble on her earlobe. I told her I want you to cum all over my black cock like you never have before. She moaned your the best baby gimme that cum so I wrapped my arms around her and fucked until my two week load was relased in three huge squirts. I didn't have to order A to do anything he knew what was next. He layed back and D sat on his face. He ate all my cum out of her and continued to eat. She said that she had to go to the bathroom but he couldn't stop eating. So she laughed and said ok and went in his mouth. It sounded like a pepsi ad all I heard were big gulp after big gulp. Whatever respect I had for the cuck in the bedroom was out the window. He was a human toilet! It gets no lower than that. Mrs.D laughed and said your going to freak him out. I laughed and said I'm fine I can't believe the wimp enjoyed that. We both started taunting him and he took it like the good little cuck he was. She stated it was time for me to re claim my pussy and she hopped on my cock sucking it to get it back up. She slid on my cock nice and easy and started to shiver once she was completly down on it. She grinded on me for a bit. I was unsatisfied with her efforts and slapped her ass twice and told her to fuck me good or this is the last she'll see of me. Hearing that she started riding like an animal fucking me as if her life depended on it. We switch to my fav doggy without missing a stroke. I told cuck A to get underneath he was so happy. But I told him he won't get to suck or lick anything while down there. He replied yes sir something he had never said and got in the torturous position. My nuts and her pussy slammed into each other for awhile before I could feel the surge of cum rise through my shaft. I pulled out and cam all over cuck As face. Mrs.D was spent and flopped over on the bed breathing heavily. Cuck A asked if he could eat my cum and I said I'll let D decide that. I got up and tongue kissed D for what seemed forever. We couldn't part. But I finally got the power to leave the sexy slut of a wife and let myself out.