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On our recent trip to Vegas Jill and I met another couple we know from California. They are also into the lifestyle. They asked us if we would be interested in going to their room at the Venetian with two black men that we knew and had introduced them to. We had never done anything like this before but thought why not. Jill called the two cocksmen and they were into it. After sitting in the lounge for a while the six of us went up to their suite to see what would transpire between two hot wives, two bulls and two husbands eager to watch.
It didn't take long to things to heat up. Debbie, the sexy wife of my friend wasted no time in choosing her bull and was soon sucking his enormous cock while Dave, her husband and I watched. Jill took a little more time but soon her bull was eating her sweet pussy as she lay on the bed with her dress lifted and panties pulled to one side.
Dave and I had front row seats to this very erotic session. I had never seen Debbie naked but less in the heat of passion and the same was true of Dave and my wife. It was exciting not only watching my wife get fucked but also a treat to watch Debbie take a big black cock as well. She had a very nice body with large breasts and hard nipples.
The girls fucked their black lovers while Dave and I watched and encouraged them. Dave then began kissing Jill which I wasn't expecting, but thought "why not?" since she was already getting fucked by a huge black dick. I returned the favor with Debbie and she kissed me passionately as her bull drove his cock home again and again bringing her to a massive orgasm. Soon Jill followed and Dave was quite intrigued watching her drain her lover's cock with her white, tight pussy.
After a while the two black stallions left and I worked up the nerve to ask if everyone was okay with a swap. It didn't take much convincing. I fucked Debbie while Dave fucked Jill all on the same bed. You really need to try this some time with close friends!