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I usually don't write stories for these forums because the people that inhabit them tend to be fakes or white guys with no women to get into the lifestyle, but I feel like writing (and I had an unrelated hot night with 2 first-time hotwives - hunblebrag). True story, as are all the ones I tell.

About 6 months ago, I posted a hotdate on a swinger site, SLS. It was a Friday I had off, and I wanted a daytime fuck. This couple about 20 mins away from me answered saying they were interested and to come over around noon. This was for the wife's enjoyment, and I suspected hubby wasn't doing it well. I exchange #s with the hubby, got an address, and was on my way.

I get there and the wife was a bit more bbw than I expected, but she was cute in the face so I was excited. She got me naked after some kissing and got so excited when she saw my naked, ripped body and 9.5" hard BBC, which was in need of attention (I try not to jo, so I hadn't cum in 2 or 3 days). She sucked my dick like it had the antidote and her fully clothed hubby watched. She took me to the bed, and after strapping on protection, took her in a couple positions and was making her cum like she hadn't, in what may have been forever. As this was a MFM, he joined in. He tried to make her suck, but he was only maybe 2" long hard, and woefully out of shape to do anything. The most pathetic thing was him trying to dp her. I don't know if he had ever done that before, but he couldn't even penetrate her ass, and then he ran to the bathroom. She was half-concerned, half-consumed by fucking my BBC so her worry was only short-lived as I pumped her, then when about to cum, graced her tits and body with 5 spurts of built-up seed.

After cleaning up and admiring the load I shot on her, she walked me out.

"I've never had anything like that before."

"Yeah, I can tell."

And I hopped into my car as she looked out the door, and drove off back home to start my weekend.

About an hr later, I get a text from a # from the same nearby area code. It turned out to be the wife. The playing arrangement had been organized by him, and like many couples, in order to control their wives, they will setup meets and demand to be there; she decided to circumvent all that BS, and stole my number and went after me.

She told me that was the greatest fuck she ever had, and that she needed more of me. Her hubby worked the night shift at a fire station, so nights were often free, and I told her I could stop before meeting friends out in Philly.

She had me in through the back door, so I walked in and she mobbed me. Kissing the lips of her content and grabbing the dick of her stud, she eagerly walked me to the bedroom. I had her sloppily suck my dick, which was still a size fascination of hers and then it was time to fuck.

Because I knew what this was, I refused to wear a condom. She needed to take this dick bare inside her, and I wasn't taking anything different for an answer. When she told me she wasn't on the pill, I unapologetically told her to think about where she was in her cycle, because I wasn't pulling out. I was firm with my demands, because if I'm going to be fucking a cheating wife, it's on my terms.

I could tell she got extra thrills from this risky, big-cocked sex, and I made her squirt a couple times before I filled her with my seed. She came from the pulsations deep inside her, I made her clean me up, and I went out with my friends.

We kept that going for about 3 months, giving her this black cock fix - I would come over during her non-fertile time and usually not pull out - until we more or less let the affair dissipate.

It felt good being a bull to a Hotwife in need.