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A married white wive's first black experience and why they never go back.


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The experience your about to have is something I cannot accurately describe. The only useful information I could even conceivable give you is what my first date with my bull was like.

My first date with my bull took place on a Thursday in December. If you’ve ever been to Missouri in the wintertime you know that the winters here are bitterly cold and usually extremely snowy. This night was no exception but I was warm with anticipation.

My husband and I had gone through all the ups and downs over the past months that all new couples go through when entering into this lifestyle. Hurt feelings, disappointment, and excitement placed my hubby and I into a rollercoaster of emotions, but finally we found a serious Bull who not only wanted me but wanted to guide us through this first monumental step. We had our first conversations and emails out of the way, had our lunch date Two days earlier and were now preparing for the final step.

Even though the weather outside was horrible, nothing…..NOTHING was going to ruin this experience for my husband and he made preparations accordingly. My bull had requested that he pick me up at six in the evening after he left work. His wife had left the state to visit family for Christmas so he had no obstacles other than his work. Steven upon hearing the date and time, immediately made reservations in my Bulls name at a fine hotel with a large King Sized bed and our home preparations began. The day of our date, Steven took me to the salon, and spa and then out to a late lunch. The day’s conversation while shopping and preparing let us become closer to one another than we had in years.

Once home, I was left to take a light nap and get ready, while Steven made refreshments and began the waiting process. As per my Bulls prerogative, I had chosen a blue slightly revealing knee high cocktail dress with matching Navel’s open back shoes. I had also followed my Bulls request to remove all personal body hair and be wearing a black thigh high bra and panty set. I was dressed to kill, my hair and nails were completely finished and even by my own standards….I looked good. On the inside I was a wreck.

Beginning as soon as I hung up the phone with my Bull the night before setting the time of his arrival, my stomach was full of butterflies and my mind with concern. Over and over again, I pondered what the evening would be like. I would ask myself questions I had no way of predicting the answers too. Would he really show? Would I be able to actually do this? Would Steven? The questions just rolled through my mind again and again….then the doorbell rang.

Steven and my bull had been making Smalltalk for about ten minutes before I gathered enough courage to head downstairs. With each step I could feel my confidence and my excitement grow. By the time I reached the landing I was positively soaked with excited anticipation. There I found both my Bull and Husband gazing at me. “You look so beautiful” Steven said; and gave me a soft encouraging hug. “I just want to say thank you Sue”; “I love you so much” It was at this moment that I knew we had come through this process together and stronger than ever. I looked into Stevens eyes and whispered; “I could have come this far without you…I love you so much”. After leaving Stevens embrace, I turned around to find my bulls arms enveloping me and lifting my petite frame into his six foot three grasp and into a wonderful and exhilaratingly passionate kiss. His large and wonderfully give lips pressed into mine, sending shockwaves of passion throughout my entire body. If I had any lingering doubts or apprehension as to if this was the correct choice evaporated immediately…I was now his and I wanted to give him everything.

We said our goodbyes to Steven and the dogs and my bull placed me into his town car and off we went to meet or reservations that Steven had made for us. On the way to the restaurant, my bull and I made silly flirtations and some listless Smalltalk. I could tell that my Bull wasn’t quite sure about my willingness for the evening due to his lack of command he was showing me. As I slipped of my seatbelt and slid over to be closer to him, he straightened firmly and became somewhat nervous. He then pulled over the car as I let my hands search his body for the shear pleasure of touching that with which I had desired so many months. “Are you sure you’re ready for what we talked about” he said sounding concerned. “I know this is your first time and I don’t want it to be too much, I want this to work out for a long time”. I paused immediately. I was astonished and impressed by his compassion about my limits even though I had spoken with him in great detail about what I and more importantly HE wanted. I could tell he needed me to say that I was his and that he was in charge. I looked straight into his eyes, gave him a soft kiss and as seductively as I could said: “I belong to you now, don’t be afraid to take me to the edge….I’m dedicated to you and only you……master” His only response: “Were not going to the restaurant”

In a flash, I found myself at the hotel, through the main lobby, into the elevator and at the door of the executive suite Steven had procured for us. My bull stopped for a moment and said: “If your not serious about what’s about to happen, you better back out now.” I immediately fell to my knees. With a smile my bull then handed me the card key and I lead my bull through the door. Once inside, my bull commanded me to stop. “Get back down” he said. I again fell to my knees before him. “Who owns you now?” he asked. “You do” was my reply. “Then get to work.” He Said. With this, I unzipped his pants and let my left hand grasp my bulls beautiful and enormous nine inch manhood. With one quick motion, his member left its tight holster like briefs, and found a new home within my wet and accommodating lips. I had handled my Bulls manhood before but had never allowed myself to honor my bull by taking him orally. While only somewhat erect, I found my bull’s member to still be quite a large endeavor for my mouth but I worked my Bulls hot and swollen helmet deep into my throat as I had practiced. I immediately glossed over my bulls tool with precision as it became even more engorged and massive. As I continued to serve my role for my new master, my bull removed his jacket, shirt and tie and pulled his pants and briefs down further to allow me greater access to his beautiful and sculpted black body. My hand quickly found purchase over his strong abs and dark hefty scrotum. His large full black balls swung back and forth brushing against my chin with ever push and pull mouth over his huge manhood. With more excitement than I have ever shown for oral pleasure before, I removed my bull’s penis and sucked his large and wonderful testicles into and then out of my mouth. Inside my mouth, I could feel my bull’s heavy semen laden scrotum fill my mouths open spaces as my tongue worked feverishly to bath my bull’s potency with every ounce of saliva I could muster …..I had found nirvana.

After becoming fully erect my bulls instructed me to remove my clothing. As I excitedly complied, I took a moment to survey the room. I saw that Steven had somehow known that dinner would be skipped. On the coffee table I saw a various assortment of my favorite candies, my brand of personal lubricant (which I didn’t even come close to needing), a bottle of Champaign and my bull’s favorite brand of beer. With my clothing removed, my bull then commanded me to remove the comforter, sheets and pillows from the king sized bed. He then lay spread eagle and motioned for me to continue my earlier work. As I crawled toward my new owner and placed my lips once again at the summit of his wonderful sexual power, my bull grabbed both of my ankles and tossed my body into a sixty-nine position. My bulls tongue worked its way into and around my sex as fervently as my mouth encompassed his penis. For what seemed like hours of repeated orgasmic pleasure my bull explored my womanhood to climax. In response I accommodated my bull’s entire length and girth to the best of my ability. His groans and my cries of abandoned passion echoed throughout the room. As his groans intensified I felt my bulls large ebony hands grasp firmly into my frame and with one quick movement, he rolled over top of me. Almost immediately, my bulls hips began to thrust his huge manhood deep into my throat and then almost completely out once again. First it was at a manageable speed that quickly escalated into a furious cadence of powerful protrusions into my middle throat. At first I could feel my gag reflex go into full swing. Each thrust lead my body to convulse in disagreement but I was physically powerless to halt the proceedings. With time though, I began to marvel at the power and skill my bull displayed in using my mouth as he saw fit. With each thrust I encouraged my bull with muffed screams of pleasure while he continued to work my sex with his knowledgeable oral skills.

When my bull had sufficiently fed his oral appetite for my now quivering vagina, he stood up from the bed and instructed me to bring him a beer that Steven had left. As I quickly retrieved the beer my excitement grew in the knowledge of what would certainly come next. As my bull drank his beer on the edge of the bed I used this opportunity to work my hands over his huge athletic frame. His strong muscular back, attached to his wonderful buttocks that connected to his long tree trunk like legs. All of these I knew would soon be driving his large endowment into me repeatedly and I kissed them each in reverence. When finished, my bull commanded me to open the drapes of the large windows and to turn on every light in the room. “It’s time to show the world how a black man Fucks” he loudly exclaimed. And after doing as commanded I bounded onto the bed eagerly awaiting the sight myself.

My bull then took his rightful place in the bed my husband had prepared for us. His body slid between my eager and open legs and our bodies became locked together as if we had been made to do so. Both he and I had found our natural places. He onto of me, dominating both my existence and directing my pleasure and I receiving him and submitting myself to his desire. As we shared a long and passionate kiss, his swollen and engorged manhood found a welcoming and proud place of rest inside me. Slowly at first, he continued his pursuit deeper and deeper into me until finally filling my womb as it had never been filled before. I could feel his heartbeat pulsating deep within my loins and with each beat; my sex stretched and became more accommodating to my bull. I thought briefly of my husband and how I wasn’t only here for myself but also for him. I was now ready. It was time to give my bull the only thing I had……everything. I then cried out to my bull: “It’s yours, I’ve always been yours since we met”, “Take it”.
As if being unleashed, my bull began thrusting himself into me and ever increasing rhythms. With each thrust my body gave way to him encouraging him forward to ever increasing heights of pleasure. Soon he was slamming his large powerful body into me as if possessed. The sound of his large and potent balls slapping my buttocks in a delightful expression of his ownership could only be drowned out but my screams of pleasure. Over and over again my bull brought me to climax. I could feel wave after wave of earth shattering orgasms pulse throughout my body. Meanwhile my bull seemed unaware. I could tell he was in the zone of delight and this made me feel as though I was doing my job and this brought me so happiness. For forty-five wonderful minutes, my bull took my body for his pleasure. I could feel his body becoming more and more tense as he reached his own climax. I then thought back to our earlier conversations about pregnancy and if that would be something he wanted. My bull had requested that I begin birth control as he didn’t want to breed me immediately and because he has three children already. I had complied but the birth control wouldn’t take affect for three months. I knew that if he released inside of me it was a good chance he would impregnate me. With this knowledge in the forefront of my mind and his obvious climax fast approaching, I repositioned my legs behind is buttocks locking his body to mine, bulled his back toward me and whispered in his ear: “I want your seed”

The evening continued into morning. Every conceivable pleasure I could offer my bull was given to him immediately. After copious and sometimes hour’s long sessions we would lay in each others arms napping, eating and preparing for more lustful endeavors. In the late morning, my body sore, tender and full of my bull’s seed, we ordered breakfast to the room and then called Steven to come collect me at the hotel as agreed upon. We made arrangements for my bull to come over to our house the following week. I then got dressed and walked my bull to the lobby. With a newly earned pride, I kissed my bull long and passionately in front of the clerk at the front desk. My bull then departed and I saw the look of serious curiosity from the hotels front desk staff. Moments later Steven came into the lobby and also received a long and passionate kiss. We then went home so I could share my night with him and take a much deserved and satisfied rest.


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I hope so,i would love it if she had a black boyfriend & we still stayed married.
You have to make that part of YOUR conditions!!!!! Approve of her wanting and receiving black cock but she CANNOT become emotionally attached to any of them, this is for sex only! My wife fell in love with one of her black lovers and still has feelings but he was killed in an automobile crash, she told me a couple of years later about him but we have talked this through and she knows she can't fall in love again.....
You have to make that part of YOUR conditions!!!!! Approve of her wanting and receiving black cock but she CANNOT become emotionally attached to any of them, this is for sex only! My wife fell in love with one of her black lovers and still has feelings but he was killed in an automobile crash, she told me a couple of years later about him but we have talked this through and she knows she can't fall in love again.....
Yes,thanks for that.


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She always dresses smart/sexy-not sluty when she goes out,the other night she went out to a casino & she loked hot wearing a pair of fitted black trousers,a long sleaved black blouse(semi-see through)& killer heels.
Wow, my wife on the other hand always dresses slutty, has guys hit on her all the time at the bars we go to, just a natural showoff. She learned a long time ago how to use "being slutty" to her advantage....