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    I m starting to believe that not just a lot of white guys here are fakers here but even most of the "BLACK BULLS" are fakers.

    i posted some time ago a thread that i needed help for my friend that wanted to try BBC here: https://www.blacktowhite.net/threads/need-help-for-white-friend.7285/

    and one BBC bull approached to "conquer" my female friend.

    I gave him her email address first, and to another one later on but till now i guess were just smoke .... and bullshit

    It is such a shame .

    watch the pics she got during her last massage.

    She is totaly for Hard FUCKING.

    23022012216.jpg 23022012215.jpg
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    I have found that most on here are fake or not close or just looking to play around and not really meet trust me i know what your are going through