A little about me

I suppose you could class me as a lurker on this site, but here is my background, my wife and myself were very much in to the interracial lifestyle in the 80's and early 90's, you have to understand that we did not know how widespread the life style was, I can remember seeing a advert for (BLACK MEN ONLY) in a contact magazine and showing it to my wife, in a way of saying ' see it's not just us' I know not every one can understand the cuckold lifestyle but I could not love my wife any more knowing she was "black owned" I loved every inch of her and her mind too, I loved the way that when we we watched porno films if a white guy came on she would screw her face up as if to say "yuk !"and make me fast forward until there was a back guy again, I don't know how many of you guys on this site can remember blues clubs in the UK in 1980's I don't think they are going anymore, but that is where my wife went most weekends with a friend of hers, I loved waiting for her to get home on a Sunday and telling me all the details whilst masturbating me with just her finger nails, best days of my life, I would also like to say thank-you to Paul a great friend to us both, who totally understood the cuckold lifestyle, he was my wife's lover for 12 years and the times we had together were amazing, I lost my wife to cancer in 1999 and still dream about her every night, but this site and others like it remind me of what we had, I love to see couples posts about just starting out on the lifestyle and in makes me happy for them, I know I will never find another like my wife and to be honest I don't want too, I still love her with all my heart, XX
My wife first became interested in black cock way back in the 8o's when we watched our first interracial porn movie. She couldn't get enough of seeing the actors black cock sliding into a white pussy. Fast forward 20 years. 20 years of spreading her legs for a few of our friends, several strangers, and many one-night-stands, she finally had her first black cock. We had to drive 150 miles to meet him in a motel, but to see his black cock buried deep in my wife's pussy was worth every mile.