A husbands curiosity


Real Person
I was surfing the bbc picture section and a question came to mind after seeing one of the pictures. It was a pic of a wife getting taken advantage of by several BBC's. The curiosity came when I noticed each BBC had a black hood on.

Curiosity is, would these hoods, or any mask to cover the face be considered a turn on for your wife? In other words, would it be a turn on for her if she didn't know if it was a total stranger or possibly someone she knows?
As a woman working her way into the lifestyle slowly, I would have to reply that at least at first I want it to be comfortable and natural, so initially I would say no, I do not want the face covered.

Then there is my inner slut that says I would love to be ravished by several men at one time. In that situation, I think I might actually like the mystery of wondering if I know any of the individuals who are taking advantage of me.
Sometimes masks and hoods make it more mysterious. It can be a huge turn on for some. I had a roommate in college who would never sleep with her boy friends, drove them crazy because she would sleep with anyone as long as she had no way of knowing who it was. So if she was blindfolded or he was masked somehow, she would do anything for them.