A great weekend

I met up with a steady Bull last weekend who I have been fuckin off and on for the past 5 years. He surprised me when he had three other BBC's for me to fuck. It was great. Two pumped their cum down my throat before I even got fucked. I thought I would be there 2 hours but it eneded up to be an 8 hour fuck session. They did 6 DP's on me. I usually dont like anal but was begging for more DP's after the second time they put one in up my ass and another in my pussy.

I swallowed 8 loads of Black cum. Took 8 loads up my ass. I only got 6 loads pumped into my pussy. Several jacked off on my face and tits. I came 20 to 30 times. Normal is once or twice for me.

I loved it and begged him to make it happen again as soon as possible.


14 loads dripping out of your orifice? Nice! Can't imagine how stretched and sore your pussy and ass were.


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Wife working, but I can bring my good Nikon up there. We have photos with that camera on the private forum here so you can see what I do. Very discrete: no faces, scars, tattoos.

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Got fucked last night by three of the four bulls who did me last time. And I found myself asking and begging for DP's. I wasn't really wasnt crazy about anal before the last gangbang that I reported here. But now!!!!!!!!!!!!I will beg and do anything to get a BBC up my ass and in my pussy at the same time. I really love DP and will beg for it in the future. I got home last night with a stream of Black Cum running down both my legs. I can't wait till next time.