a good owner has his property trained (roleplay only)

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  1. davendeb69

    davendeb69 New Member

    looking for multiple bbc to participate in roleplay scenario where a bbc owner/trainer owns wife and has her do things that let the hubby know who owns his wife through actual sexual acts as well as verbal communication, and eventually pimp the wife to his bbc friends while she luvs it ..the bigger the better cuz the begging should be sincere...this situation will be a complete and total bad ass adventure for all involved....( interests should always understand this is a roleplay scenario and should be held in reguard as a phantasy only..at the end of the night we all become our normal respectful selves again....but during the scenario its all good and 'hot' can hardly describe it.)
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  2. Calvin Roberts

    Calvin Roberts New Member

    i'm in syracuse. hit me up when you get a chance. i wanna get at ya.
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