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Shari and Tom were an average young couple, married for two years and in love. They were also somewhat adventurous and when they met Toby while on a Caribbean vacation it didn't take them long to decide they wanted to have some fun with him.

Toby was a slender black young man about their age. He was very handsome, something that had caught Shari's eye right away. He worked in the restaurant of their resort and had served them a couple of times. But Shari and Tom wanted service of a different kind from this black stud.

Now they were in their room late on a summer evening. A breeze crept in from the open window but it was not enough to cool down the scene playing out in the middle of the bed. Tom kissed Shari's lips and sucked her rock-hard nipples, loving her reaction to the long, slow thrusts of Toby's magnificent cock as he buried himself deep inside her pussy.

"Oh my God Tom," she moaned, "he's so huge, he goes so deep."

Tom knew this, of course, as he had watched Toby take off his boxers to free his massive black cock. It was exactly what he had hoped for. He wanted to watch his wife get fucked by such a big dick!

Toby fucked Shari, his pace quickening. Her cries becoming more intense. Tom knelt back and watched, wondering if his young wife would ever feel the same about taking his gentlemanly five inches again. But for now he loved the image in front of him. She clearly loved the fucking she was receiving and taking note of his granite like erection, Tom realized he was turned on as well.

(to be continued)