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A different kind of story ~~

What follows is a true story, and my apologies ahead of time as I have to be a little vague on some of the details as to not be outed in public.

My wife is from a tiny country in the eastern part of Europe. She's been in the US over 15 years. She has the equivalent of a Masters degree in Europe (more on that in a minute). She is 5ft 9inches, rather dark olive skin (think South America) with a tiny waist and a huge round ass (see profile pic), and a gorgeous face. She is in her late 30's. Because of the way she dresses, which is typical for eastern Euros (tight satin pants, spandex, etc), she garners a lot of attention from black males. I jokingly refer to her as my "bad bitch" as she heard this no less than 30 times from groups of black males walking past her. Its at the point now that she has to "dress down" when going out because black men literally follow her to her car on a regular basis to ask her out!

My wife and I have a pretty open relationship. I've let her sleep with 2 other men, and she has let me sleep with a friend of hers from her home town.

Now without getting specific, my wife works around high school and college students. Most recently in the capacity of a tutor in a subject that most Americans are dismal at.

She has one black student, and I will refer to him as "Charles". Charles is 19 and a failing student but his parents have money so they hired my wife through a referral. Charles also happens to play sports and I gather a pussy chaser like most teenagers. So of course my wifes ass has caught his attention (more on that to come).

My wife has a study room in our house complete with chalk board and projector, etc. My wife does one on one tutoring and generally prefers students meet at our house.

So some background to the events leading up to this story are appropriate. Charles has been using my wife's services now for about 7 or so months. The first few lessons his mother even attended! Shortly after, apparently Charles' mother let him start using her car so she never came after that.

Of course my wife has learned over the years not to dress in her Euro professional style, as that means having her ass hanging out of ultra tight slacks or a tight skirt. It literally causes a mass distraction.

So the first meetings with Charles went without incident. But once she noticed he was coming by himself, it was once again "safe' to dress in her usual way. Not because of him, just she can't help being a slut ( Eastern Europe generally does this to girls...) and she generally has professional meetings later in the day anyway so it saves her from having to change again.

So, my wife has a conference/meeting to attend after Charles' lesson today so of course my wife is wearing the thinest, tightest pair of satin pants I've ever seen her wear. My wife's ass could literally be a stunt double for Kim Kardashian. Its not fat at all, just large and round. She's also wearing low heel leather boots which just make her already amazing ass even bigger.

I see Charles following my wife to her study as I'm walking down the hall and he is looking directly down staring at her ass so hard he doesn't even notice me coming. His eyes are huge and not blinking. When I say "Hi Charles" his heard jerked back in a funny motion as if snapped out of a spell!!! Inside my wife's study is one entire wall of White Board / Chalk Boark with and adjacent wall of windows. One central table faces the wall with the chalk board and my wifes desk, like a classroom. Well the windows offer a reflection of such that you can see behind you from the very front of the room. My wife stated his eyes never left her ass. My wife also noticed he was actively trying to hide a massive erection. Poor Charles was wearing gym pants. The student table is just a flat one, and you can see entirely under it. According to her, he must not have been wearing underwear, because she sneaked a few peaks under the table when she made him solve problems and the entire outline of his dick was visible. She said his erection was massive and "moving". I said "moving?" After she explained I can only gather it was so intense it was pulsating. She said every time she turned around he put his hand under the desk to franticly push his dick down.

When it was time to go he took his book and instead of putting it in his bag, he held it in down in front of his crotch trying to look natural but desperately trying to push his dick down. She said the head was still bulging below the book!!! Holy shit I said....

More to come soon!
Shes definitely got a great ass! I strongly suggest you letbthe noy have a shot at it. Maybe a weekend. The booty deserves a bbc but yes right now. If the kid cant handle it find her a BM that can. Id have that bitch banging bbc in no time.

I will try to pick up were we left off, its been a while so I will try to remember all of the relevant details.

So, naturally after the last meet my wife asked me what she should do like its a problem or something. I assured here there is no problem. She knows I love IR porn, but she is pretty indifferent to the whole situation. My wife is not really into black guys unfortunately, but she will do anything to make me happy.

Wife explains she is embarrassed making Charles spring a massive erection that he was obviously desperate to hide. At risk of outing us she is especially careful because she is actually an adjunct at his community college ( basically a part time fill in instructor, this is her last semester there so she doesn't care if I post). He is not one of her students, but she definitely sees him at least once a week in the building.

I try to encourage her to dress even more like a slut for me, but she is not having it. She makes a deal, I can pick anybody else. So I relent. She has no idea how much it turns me on to think of this typically arrogant black teenage stud railing my wife's ass. Knowing that he obviously fantasizes about my wife's ass makes it all the more of a turn on.

Anyway, my wife starts to dress in more loose fitting clothes for the time being. Charles stopped wearing his gym pants for about 3 weeks I noticed. He started wearing them again after that I guess he thought is was "safe", LOL. I also noticed why our friend Charles can't hide an erection, its obvious he doesn't wear underwear under this school sport jersey pants thing he always wears. You can't see through it, but its way to thin to wear without underwear ( I don't really "get" kids these days, but anyway...). I can see its big and curves to the left, and my wife was very correct when she said the head was bulging that day, I can see it even when its semi erect.

Fast forward about another week I'm ready to try and make a deal with my wife because I can't stop thinking about watching my wife's ass jiggle from Charles thrusting his dick inside her ( I know I'm out of control...). I happen to know my wife has a serious lust for her personal trainer ( Cliché, I know, but true ). My wife really likes clean cut older white guys. My wife has also been taking about getting a new car. I make about 90% of the money in the house so I'm the one who will have to make it happen. So we are talking like sluts one morning and I drop a bomb on her. I tell her she can fuck her personal trainer and pick out a car if she goes along with my Charles plan. She thinks about it for a minute and says ok. I immediately got an erection.

So knowing his tutoring is ending in about one and half more months I have to put my plan in motion.

My first order of business was getting my wife a bit of a make over, think more like hip hop model. I had her hair styled in more of a curly braided look and had her get fake nails, not too long but enough to say slut. She balked a little at the nails, but I quickly reminded her she should have though about that before she let her trainer bang her on the massage table 3 times! She quickly relented. I also bought about 600 dollars worth of the best slut clothes I could find.

My plan was simple, have her dress not too slutty but enough to grap his attention, and make a convenient reason for my wife to ask for his help with some type of house work while "I'm gone on business" . So we formulate a plan.

Day of our appointment with Charles. I have much debate about what to dress my wife in. Too much and it will be weird. I finally decide on a pair of black short 1 inch pointy toe backless heels and a super tight black pair of spandex pants, I purposefully bought one size too small. She literally had to yank and tug them up to fit over her ass. You can see the underwear underneath, with are are light color boy short sytle. Her top is a simply business casual satin bright electric blue top. Her ass was literally hanging out there. I also put a large bright gold necklace on her that screams come and fuck me. Armed with her new slut hair cut and nails she made my dick hard as a rock immediately.

Her ass is sticking out so much because the pant size was too small my wife is threatening to back out of the deal. A complete outline of her vagina was visible from the front. I have to admit I went a bit overboard, the pants were literally dividing her ass cheeks. Nevertheless I convince her to press on. She looks looks even better than any hip hop model I've ever seen with her new hair, nails, and clothes. The plan is for me to be "gone on business" for this visit and the next. So now its up to her and I just need to sit back and watch the show. I forget to mention I have 3 studio quality digital cameras which I set up pretty incognito in the classroom and her office /study room and the front living room. I have each hooked to a switchable wireless A/V hooked to my computer. I can watch them from my locked office. I was prepared god dammit.

So its appointment time, I'm still in the front room with her waiting on charles to pull up. My wife is peering out the window shade. Then finally he pulls up a few minutes late, my wife looks and me and starts taping her heels rapidly on the ground and says "baby are you sure?", and I said yes. He knocks on the door and I run upstairs to my control room.

To be continued!