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I posed this scenario to Jill recently.

We rent a luxurious hotel room with a jacuzzi and a large king bed covered in white sheets and pillows. A bottle of brandy and some chocolates. A knock at the door and I tell her that her surprise has arrived. She gives me that look as I go to open the door. Two young black men enter our room. They are no more than twenty, tall, slender with dark black skin. They could be twins. Jill is lounging on the bed in her black bra and panties, gold chains around her neck, wrist and ankle. She is made up nicely, her lips painted with ruby red lipstick. I tell her I have hired these two young men to give her a massage. She likes the idea. The two strip down to just pairs of white underwear that clearly show the outline of their huge cocks which are already hard. Jill says she can't wait while they massage her. I want to fuck them both she tells me. Its her surprise. Their white briefs come off and their ten inch cocks hang down between their legs. They get on the bed with Jill and she instantly takes one of them in her mouth, her red lips swallowing the massive dick. The other moves between her legs and starts to slowly fuck her. For more than an hour they take turns fucking my beautiful wife in a variety of positions. One fucks, one gets sucked, then they change. When they are done, Jill's breasts and tummy are covered in cum and it drains from her hot wet pussy. She too has come several times. They dress and leave and I lick their cum from my wife's body before she lets me fuck her.

"Set it up," she told me.