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A Dark Night

They walked in silence to the hotel room, the buzz of anticipation cloaking them both, never speaking and only infrequently making eye contact. Allison still had difficulty believing what she was about to do. Still, her only doubt came when they passed the concierge desk and she saw the expression on one of the bellhops. His expression said that he knew exactly what was going on and Allison felt incredibly embarrassed and guilty for a moment. The moment passed long before they reached the door.

Ben opened the door and she walked in ahead of her. He moved in behind her and wrapped his hand around her midsection, stopping her from moving farther into the room. His other hand moved the hair away from the back of her neck and then his lips were kissing the back of her neck.

She trembled from the touch and grabbed the hand holding her. She sighed quietly and began rubbing her body against his. Then, she pushed his hand down between her legs, rubbing herself with his hand until he found the rhythm. As soon as he began playing with her unassisted, she moved her hand between them to feel him.

She shuddered when she felt how large he was and how hard he already was. Using only the palm of her hand, she rubbed hard against the length of his penis, reveling in these first moments of intimacy that can never be repeated.

"I want you in my mouth," she said as she turned her head to kiss him. His tongue invaded her mouth as she experienced his unique taste. Firsts were always exciting; the first kiss, the first touch. The newness of them, the mystery was almost intoxicating.

She slid down his body, turning as she did until she was on her knees in front of her. She fumbled with his belt and pulled his pants down around his ankles. As she pulled his briefs down, his penis sprung out, brushing against her hand. She wrapped her hand around it and began licking the tip, surprised its girth. Randi's penis was long and thin and she could put it in her mouth without having to open her mouth much. Conversely, she found herself licking around the tip of Ben's shaft wondering if she even could get his penis in her mouth comfortably.

Her hands moved to his balls and she began playing with them, using her nails to playfully scratch along them and make them swing slightly as she did. The suppressed groans above her told her that she was having the desired effect and aroused her to attempt inserting his penis in her mouth. She tried to pull her jaw open but her teeth still touched him as he entered her mouth.

She realized that she couldn't comfortably move her head back and forth, although she could take him in. Unfortunately, she had never been able to deep throat a man and she wasn't sure she could stimulate him. She withdrew quickly, realizing what she wanted.

"Fuck my mouth," she said, and then put his cock back into her mouth.

Ben's hand moved behind her head and slowly began pulling her head towards her, pushing his cock into her mouth. Slowly, he began to pick up the tempo with Allison fearful that he would choke her if he pushed too far. Still, her entire concentration was focused on the act and she lost herself in his increasingly urgent thrusts into her. His hands turned into fists, pulling on her hair in a way that excited her. And then, she felt his balls tightening, knowing he was moments from coming.

He began to withdraw but she placed her hands on his buttocks and pulled him farther into her mouth. In a few moments, he began coming in her mouth. He tasted different and she enjoyed the moment as he continued coming. Then, his hand relaxed and he held her head tenderly in his hands.

She wondered what to do now. Thankfully, Ben interceded, pulling her up to her feet. As he did, he grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head in one fluid motion, revealing her body clad only in panties and a bra. The power and grace of this excited her tremendously.

He grabbed her in his arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down on the corner. Then, she felt as he moved down her body, his stubbly cheek sliding against her skin until he had repositioned himself between her legs. Slowly, she felt his finger began tracing the outline of her lips through her panties. She realized as he did how wet she was. Eventually, he used his free hand to pull them out to the way and lowered his tongue to her. Rather than using the tip, he began to use the flat edge to move up and down above her clit. It was neither delicate nor rough and it drove her wild. She could feel the wetness of his breath on her and the increasing tempo of his tongue as he began slowly increasing stimulation.

After a few moments, he had exposed her clit and was swirling around it, sucking it and alternating speeds driving her closer to orgasm. She lost herself and lost track of time as she fought to hold back her orgasm and hold on to this glorious feeling. Finally, she could take it no more and came, grabbing his head and pulling him into her while pinning his head when she pulled her legs together.

Exhausted and satisfied, she withdrew within herself to simply enjoy the moment of total happiness. It was then the she realized that Ben was moving positions. She quickly realized that he was going to attempt intercourse and she moved to stop him.

Normally, she came once and wasn't able to become aroused again. However, she found herself stirring as Ben loomed above her, running his hand along her stomach and chest. His hand then slipped under her bra and began playing with her breasts, his fingers playing with her nipple. She let out a small sigh as he did.

He lowered his head and they began kissing as he continued playing with her breast. Slowly, he lowered his body until his penis began touching between her legs. The feel of it, the heat, excited her and she found herself quickly becoming aroused. She moved her hands to it and began stroking it. In a few moments, she began pulling his penis into her and soon the tip had entered her.

She knew that it would hurt since she was not used to the width but she didn't care. She reached around and pulled him into her, almost rejoicing in the painful entrance. She screamed with the sound mixing the agony and ecstasy of the moment as Ben began to pound into her. She continued screaming, intermixing her cries with remonstrations to Ben to keep going or to give it to her harder.

She raked her fingernails into his back and buttocks, exploding inside with orgasms. Still, he continued his pace, driving her to exhaustion. Finally, she sensed him preparing to come and pulled his head down to kiss him, thrusting her tongue into her mouth as he came inside her.