A Dark and Strange Visitation

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    A Dark and Strange Visitation

    by Your Teddy Bear (ytedbear@yahoo.com)


    Wife is subjected to voodoo spells and has an illicite

    affair with a young black teen and consequences ensue.

    (F/m-teen, voy, mc, intr, preg)


    Jack Duncan is a free-lance professional photographer

    specializing in unusual natural science work and is on

    assignment to develop a photo essay on Haiti. His wife

    Debbie is researching and writing a paper on Voodoo.

    They have been married for 10 years forming a

    distinctive team that combined her research and

    journalistic skills with his award winning photography.

    As a result they traveled widely on numerous coveted

    projects from acclaimed international organizations.

    The past 2 years had been rough on their marriage.

    Jack, at 56 stood about 5'10" and weighed nearly 275

    pounds. His weight and smoking had led to erectile

    dysfunction and an inability to perform sexually. Side-

    effects of the popular drug therapies posed grave

    consequences to him which in effect eliminated

    medication as an option. The humiliation led to a low

    self-esteem and eventually he withdrew from any kind of

    physical relationship with Debbie.

    On the other hand Debbie is only 32 having met Jack

    while a student at the university while he was teaching

    a class in ancient cultures. She has a PhD in

    Anthropology but looks more like a model. She has wavy,

    natural blonde hair atop a 5'6" body weighing 123

    pounds. Blessed with a stunningly beautiful face and

    stark green eyes, Debbie has shapely hips carried on

    long, lovely legs. With supple breasts filling a B-cup,

    she is a striking woman.

    Although impotent, Jack's appetite for eroticism had

    not vanished. Having a pretty wife he discovered a new

    arousal through visual stimulation. Although he never

    spoke to her about his feelings, he secretly harbored a

    desire for public exhibitionism by Debbie and

    encouraged a selection of fashions to provoke that


    As part of their assignment Debbie was researching the

    Voodoo-si, women who serve the Mawu, the supreme Voodoo

    being. Everyday she went searching the main streets and

    back alleys she could find to develop her understanding

    of the subject matter.

    One day exploring an alley she abruptly ran into a

    strange boy. She was struck by his piercing clear blue

    eyes. He was barefoot, dressed only in a dirty pair of

    jockey shorts and was small in stature and slightly

    built. With his hair in dread-locks, his facial

    features and stark black complexion pointed to an

    aboriginal heritage. With a surprising authority he

    took Debbie by the hand and pulled, leading her away.

    She felt unable to resist. He led her into a narrow,

    dim alley between broken down shacks. Debbie asked

    "where are you taking me?" The boy just mumbled "Hattie

    will see you."

    "Who is Hattie?" she asked.

    "Who you are seeking," was his answer.

    On unsteady legs she followed passively. The boy took

    Debbie to a little beachside shop. When they entered

    she saw this was the place of Madam Hattie, a local

    fortune teller. The boy led Debbie to a small room with

    one lit candle in the middle of a tiny round table and

    then simply disappeared.

    Regaining her composure, Debbie was greeted by a short,

    round black lady dressed in flowing purple robes

    entering the room through a draped doorway. "You may

    call me Hattie," she began. Hattie dominated the

    conversation. Soon she said, "I will tell your future,"

    and proceeded to take Debbie's hands in hers and turn

    them palms up studying intently. Debbie stared into her

    eyes and felt as if this woman was looking into her


    Quickly she let go of her hands and took out a deck of

    Tarot cards and counted out ten and turned them face up

    on the table in front of Debbie. She selected 5 and

    pushed them toward her. She said, "These are the most

    important at this time for you to learn what your

    future holds."

    She described each of the five cards, The Fool, The

    Devil, The Hanged Man, Death, and The Empress. Then

    Hattie explained "you will soon become aware of your

    own needs, and the desire will be very unsettling to

    you. Your mind is imaginative and once opened to

    concealed truth it will unleash a seductive thirst. You

    will reach the end of a phase in life which has served

    its purpose and will yield to another through

    unexpected events."

    "That is very interesting Hattie, but I don't really

    believe in the Tarot," Debbie said trying to be

    cheerful but stating her convictions all the same.

    Ignoring her comment and pointing to her wedding ring

    Hattie asked "What is the condition of your


    Alarmed by her boldness, Debbie paused and considered

    what to say. Finally she answered truthfully "He is

    much older than me and," hesitating, "and our

    relationship is, let's just say plutonic."

    "Yes," Hattie affirmed confidently. "And that is a

    lifeless ache for one with such youth and beauty. The

    ache must be appeased to return pleasure to your life.

    You don't have to believe. The Tarot show only what is

    and not what might be if you believe." And then,

    looking into Debbie's eyes Hattie told her, "This old

    woman will help you. Quand je vous appelle, vous devez

    venir chez moi."

    Debbie wrinkled her face not understanding. "What did

    you say? I don't speak French," she said.

    "When the time comes you will understand," she


    Amused she thought, "My sex life sucks! How is she

    going to help me with that?"

    That evening Jack and Debbie went out for dinner to a

    beach bar near where she had met Hattie. The crowd was

    a mixture of tourists and locals. There was a band

    playing and about half the crowd was drinking and

    dancing and the other half eating, listening to the

    music and people watching.

    Debbie wore an ankle length, asymmetrical hem pale

    green skirt with a deep side slit that barely hid a g-

    string panty. She had chosen a sheer net emerald green

    blouse that plunged to a tie just below the breast line

    worn over a mid-drift length see-through gauzy chemise

    top. At Jack's urging she wore no bra. Although the

    chemise and blouse were both transparent, the layering

    of the two teased the imagination yet offered an air of

    modesty. To complete her ensemble she wore a pair of

    plain white heels.

    After eating Jack ordered a couple of cocktails for

    them, and they both turned their attention on the

    crowded dance floor. Debbie twisted in her chair to

    gain a better view. It was then she noticed the strange

    boy from that morning. Leaning over to Jack in a low

    voice she said, "Casually glance over at the bar. See

    that black boy? He is staring at me."

    As Jack looked he found the boy just as Debbie had

    said, staring in her direction. "Yup, he is hoping to

    see your breasts," he said trying to goad her.

    Debbie answered coolly, "Maybe I should let him." Jack

    just smiled his approval.

    With her judgment clouded by neglect, Debbie looked

    back at the boy and demurely crossed her legs allowing

    the deep slit to expose her leg from the hip. Playfully

    she pulled on the string of her blouse letting it

    reveal the chemise. Without the blouse as cover, she

    knew her full breasts, the pink of her areola and

    darker nipples were daringly visible. Watching her,

    Jack's arousal left a distinct damp patch of secretion

    in his lap.

    After several minutes of this tease Debbie realized her

    impulsive misbehavior, and she re-tied her blouse and

    covered her legs. Watching as the boy continued to

    stare she chastised herself for acting so shameless.

    That night Debbie got ready for bed wearing a plain

    white cotton slip for a nightgown. Jack, embarrassed by

    having ejaculated at the bar, drank too much and had

    already fallen asleep. Debbie closed her eyes and

    dreamed of lust and sexual obsession. She felt lips

    upon hers and drew a face to her breast so it would

    suckle upon her. She felt a naked body against her

    naked body, and felt the unmistakable swelling of

    manhood against her sex and she bucked her hips to meet


    She awoke from her dream with a jerk as she thought she

    heard the beat of bare feet running through the

    bungalow. She was lying on her back, covers thrown to

    the side, her gown pulled down exposing her breasts.

    She was drenched in sweat with her legs splayed apart

    in sexual submission. Her nipples were hard and

    sensitive as if they had been pinched or bitten.

    As she felt her heart beat gradually slow and her tense

    muscles relax she supposed her conduct that night was

    the source of her wet dream.

    The next few nights Debbie had that same recurring

    dream. Each morning she could recall the feeling of

    naked flesh against her, the lips upon her breast, and

    the animalistic orgasm, but she could never catch the

    face of her unknown lover. She found she looked forward

    to the nights and the reverie. It filled her with

    enormous desire and longing and afterward left her

    physically spent and sated. If only Jack could gratify

    her this way.

    One evening she was getting ready for bed wearing a

    sleeveless red silk nightgown. While brushing her hair

    she noticed that Jack was standing on the deck looking

    at something. Curious, she walked out to join him.

    Standing at the rail, she could see a bon fire down the

    beach and hear voices. She asked, "What do you think is

    going on?"

    "It doesn't sound like it's a party," Jack answered.

    Startling both Jack and Debbie, out of the shadows

    stepped the black boy. Climbing the steps to the deck

    he took Debbie by the hand. Immediately she felt her

    will melt away as she allowed the boy to lead her down

    the beach. "Where are you taking me?" she heard herself


    "Hattie calls to you," he answered leading her on.

    They quietly walked the beach toward the fire, the boy

    gripping Debbie's hand and Jack following a few steps

    behind. Each stride brought them closer and the words

    became clearer to Debbie. "Quand je vous appelle, vous

    devez venir chez moi."

    They were calling to her. As she approached the fire

    they stopped. She could see a group of people dressed

    in brightly colored hooded robes. They were dancing

    around a ring of fire. Standing in the middle of the

    ring was Hattie. Something had been scratched in the

    sand. As Debbie studied it she recognized an inverted

    pentagram, the sign of the devil on the Tarot from

    which Hattie had read her future.

    She felt oddly drawn to the fire. The boy let go of her

    hand and as if in a trance she walked slowly forward.

    Jack stood mesmerized. The hooded group around parted

    to let her through. She walked to Hattie and then stood

    before her with her hands at her sides. "Enlevez vos

    vêtements ainsi nous pouvons voir votre corps nu,"

    ordered Hattie. Although she could not understand the

    words, she seemed to know what was expected.

    Without questioning she crossed her arms in front of

    her and slid her fingers beneath the straps of her gown

    sliding them off her shoulders. The gown drifted to the

    ground at her feet. She stood naked within the ring.

    Jack wondered in amazement at the beauty of her body.

    The dancing reflection of the fires on her skin as she

    turned slowly so all those circling the fire could see

    her. His eyes were drawn to her breasts standing proud

    and supple on her chest with areolas the size of silver

    dollars and soft pert nipples. A trim waist flared to

    shapely, sensuous hips. A light golden fleece veiled

    her vulva.

    Her nipples, only slightly protruding, revealed she was

    at ease with her nudity. His eyes traced her

    silhouette, caressing the gentle swell of her rounded

    bottom. Her body lightly tanned swayed beneath the

    glare of the fire light tempting his eyes. He felt his

    heart beating in his chest as if trying to free itself

    of confinement.

    Hattie then spoke to the gathered group. "I call upon

    Dionysius, the spirit of pleasure and unbridled desire.

    I ask that he expose to you what is already within you.

    Such is nothing to fear, nothing to shame, or nothing

    to avoid," she spoke. With that she placed one hand on

    Debbie's shoulder and with a light pressure caused her

    to kneel in the sand.

    At first Debbie's mind was racing, trying to follow and

    comprehend what was being said. But there was peace and

    tranquility in letting her thoughts go and simply

    accept being led. Hattie placed her hand on Debbie's

    head and chanted, "Produisez son lait pour nourrir la

    bête de Dionysius."

    Suddenly Debbie felt a strange pressure in her breasts

    as if they were swelling. She felt weak and lay on her

    back upon the sand. She looked up at the stars in the

    pitch black sky and felt the hands of the acolytes

    arrange her head, arms and legs to align with the

    points of the pentagram.

    Hattie standing with her arms askew and looking to the

    stars said, "Laissez cette bête boire du lait de votre

    sein pour enchanter Dionysius." She felt a rising urge

    deep within her womb. It seemed to flow from her

    breasts. She found herself slowly rocking her hips back

    and forth in a languid motion, building a craving

    within her she knew long ago. She felt the heat of fire

    on her skin, and could see the flames licking at the

    sky, and in the shadows, the acolytes as they knelt in

    the sand.

    She knew that Jack was watching her. She was on display

    performing a wanton act in front of these strange

    people. He could stop this if he wanted, but she could

    see only hunger on his face.

    Jack gazed, captivated by Debbie's exhibitionism. He

    sensed a torrential wave of sexual arousal wash over

    him as he looked at the boy standing next him. Knowing

    that a boy was watching the naked body of his wife

    writhing on the sand fed his voyeurism. Suddenly Hattie

    jerked her arms to the sky as if lifting a weight. He

    saw Debbie dig her heels into the sand as she bucked

    her hips upward as if meeting the thrusts of an

    invisible lover. With her face contorted and whipping

    her head back and forth she continued the rhythmic

    pumping of her hips into the air, up and down until her

    muscles tensed and she shuddered for several moments.

    Finally her body slumped back to the sand having

    reached her sexual release.

    The ceremony was over. The acolytes, Hattie and the boy

    disappeared into the blackness of the night, leaving

    only the two of them in the flickering light of the

    fires. Jack helped Debbie to her feet and into her

    nightgown and walked slowly back to the bungalow. Not a

    word was spoken.

    Debbie was the first to wake in the morning after a

    lifeless sleep. She looked over at Jack still snoring

    away. She thought back to last night. She remembered

    everything but more like an illusion than reality.

    Getting out of bed she found sand in the sheets. "It

    really happened," she thought to herself.

    After Jack woke and showered they sat quietly on the

    deck over coffee. "What was that all about?" Jack


    "A Voodoo ritual," she said softly. "And I just let it

    all happen," explaining her misgivings.

    From that day on, Debbie gradually noticed her

    sexuality creeping uncontrollably to the surface. She

    found herself dreaming about sex even in the day time.

    Lustful thoughts constantly swirled within her mind.

    Deviant visions seemed to be weaving their way into her

    every sleeping and waking thought. Why? What created

    these strange and perverted desires in her?

    She thought about Hattie and the Tarot. She decided she

    would see her and discuss the night on the beach.

    "Please explain what happened on the beach the other

    night. That was a Voodoo ceremony," she said.

    "Yes, I am Voodoo-si," she said proudly. "You came to

    me so your hidden desires could be freed. You are ready

    to begin your new journey," she explained.

    Hattie then proceeded to lay out ten cards. Debbie felt

    a cold shiver run up her spine. They were the exact

    same ten cards as had laid in front of her before. This

    time however, Hattie pushed the other 5 cards she did

    not describe earlier toward Debbie and began to

    describe them, The Page of Wands, The Queen of the

    Thrones of Flame, The Three of Cups, The Four of Cups,

    and The Eight of Cups.

    She then offered Debbie this explanation. "Love has

    turned to familiarity and physical pleasure has passed,

    correct?" she asked. Pausing to see Debbie nod she

    continued "you are young and still fruitful in mind and

    body. You long for excitement and gratification?" she

    asked. Again there was only a slight nod from Debbie.

    "I have become so obsessed with sex," Debbie began.

    Hattie reached out and touched her cheek lightly and

    said "Dionysius has exposed your inhibitions. The

    desires are natural within you," she said as she took

    Debbie by the hand. "The lust in your mind is potent.

    It is temptation that provokes your hunger."

    Debbie was still confused, "What temptation?"

    "The lure of the forbidden seduces you. It is your

    temptation. That is what troubles you" Hattie answered.

    Debbie looked down in her lap shaking her head, "My

    desires are so decadent," Debbie choked blinking

    through tears welling up in her eyes.

    "Restrained desire has been freed. You must surrender

    to it. There is nothing to fear, or shame," Hattie


    Debbie went home unnerved by what Hattie spoke. That

    night Debbie found her dream more vivid than ever.

    Unable to sleep tormented by the conflict between her

    moral compass and merciless taunting of her striking

    dream, Debbie quietly arose removing her nightgown and

    slipped into the shower.

    Afterward, she peeked at Jack sound asleep and pulled

    an oversized blanket from the linen closet. Silently

    stepping outside she was greeted by the fresh ocean air

    and a barely visible slice of orange on the horizon.

    Walking down to the beach covered only by the blanket

    she wanted the struggle to cease.

    Watching the sun rise she listened to the waves lapping

    at the beach and the predawn chirping of birds still in

    their nightly roost. A light breeze carried the salty

    moisture of ocean spray and a damp chill. Unexpectedly

    Debbie saw the strange black boy emerge from behind

    her. He was dressed only in his dingy jockey shorts as

    he sat in the sand next to her. Apprehensively she

    looked into his eyes. She saw daring that delighted

    her, mischief that motivated her and temptation that

    caused her to tremble. She saw in his eyes a reflection

    of her lust.

    Irrationally extending a blanket clad arm, she offered

    him the warmth of her naked body against the morning

    chill. Burying his face against her soft breast his

    lips drew on a nipple. She could feel his tongue

    taunting her causing a quiver deep inside. A hand

    cupped her other breast, teasing the soft skin around

    her nipple with a delicate touch. She gently caressed

    his face feeling the smooth texture of his dark skin.

    With her fingers she lightly traced along his young

    lips nursing from her breast.

    She could feel the wetness of her sexual arousal. Would

    she dare have sex with this boy? It was immoral, but

    she had an undeniable thirst for this taboo temptation.

    He lifted his face from her breast as his lips

    reluctantly let her nipple slip from between them.

    Looking into his eyes she knew she would. Her soft lips

    parted as she felt the electric thrill of his tongue

    touching hers for the first time. The kiss was tender

    at first, then demanding as he pressed his lips

    hungrily into her.

    Debbie could feel the unmistakable warmth of the boy's

    penis against her belly. Reaching down she touched him

    then held him unable to close her fingers around his

    thickness. As she lightly brushed her lips over his he

    murmured, "Give me your body and I will give you


    Laying back on the sandy beach Debbie spread her legs

    in submission to the boy. He drew her nipple into his

    mouth as she cradled his head to her. His tongue

    pressed her nipple as he sucked. She could feel the

    sensation deep within her womb as her clitoris hardened

    and she felt an orgasm course through her body. Holding

    his rigid penis the thought of his cock sliding into

    her overcame any lingering rationale she might have had


    With her hand, Debbie guided his throbbing penis to her

    wet opening. The pressure of his cock at her sex

    increased as the engorged head slid slightly between

    her soaked lips. She arched her back to ease his entry.

    Inch by inch she was giving herself to this black boy.

    His cock was pushing into the open folds of her moist

    vulva. She felt the delicious warmth as his thickening

    penis slid deeper and deeper into her, penetrating her,

    as she willingly opened her sheath to him. Erotic

    sensations were willing her to press against him until

    his young firm cock probed fully into her. The warm

    folds of her pussy enveloped his cock as it claimed


    He stroked into her once, twice, and then again. Her

    lust had created an ache of desire for this forbidden

    mating. His shaft, glistening with her secretions slid

    in and out of her body, his hands fondling her soft

    white breasts, and his lips suckling upon her nipples.

    He moved in and out of her for what seemed like an

    eternity as his cock made slow deliberate fucking

    motions into her, then out of her, then back in,

    stretching her and filling her.

    Her pink lips spread wide, as his penis fit firmly

    inside her, possessing her. Her soft folds reveling at

    the feel of this unfamiliar cock. The boy's black body

    moved in harmony with her pale body. She felt shameless

    bound in this willful union, her sex suckling his cock

    as it fucked in and out of her.

    She locked her legs around the boy as she dug her heels

    into his buttocks in orgasm, pulling him into her,

    forcing his cock to fill her need until there was

    nothing left outside. Her hips rocked as he withdrew

    his hardness from within her. His muscles tensed as he

    drove harder into her. She heaved her hips meeting his

    thrusts. He lurched and Debbie felt his seed pierce her


    She lay exhausted to his side kissing his face. She

    opened her mouth to his tongue and drank at his lips.

    The boy looked into her eyes and commanded, "I am your

    Dionysius, and you will belong to me."

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jack standing on

    the deck watching them. "Everything will change," she

    thought to herself.

    Later that morning she found Jack sitting on the deck.

    She sat in the chair next to him. "I saw you and the

    boy on the beach this morning," he said sounding hurt.

    Debbie pulled her knees tight against her chest as if

    cowering. "You had sex with him didn't you?"

    "Yes," she whispered. Debbie sat motionless looking at

    the horizon wishing she were someplace else. "I'm sorry

    Jack, I didn't plan for this happen," she sobbed.

    "You have cuckolded me with a black, boy," he jeered

    spitting the finals words out one by one. Sitting

    quietly for long moments, the tension between them

    palpable, Jack finally asked "Will it happen again?"

    Debbie hesitated before answering. With downcast eyes

    and in an almost inaudible sigh she answered, "Yes."

    Things did change. Debbie acquiesced to the boy's

    exclusive possession. As she lay naked she held his

    black cock in her hand as she sucked upon the swollen

    head. Cupping his testicles in one hand she bowed her

    head as she felt the soft skin slid across her tongue,

    the head probing into the back of her throat. She

    pressed down until he was totally in her, her lips

    stretched and jaws wide apart. She worked her tongue

    around as she lifted her face from him, stopping to

    suck and explore the tiny hole on the head.

    She felt his hand gently tickling along her leg and

    over her hip. The other hand was cupping her breast and

    lightly pinching her nipples. She marveled at the joy

    she had come to know giving herself completely to this

    boy. Taking his cock deep into her throat she looked at

    her bare ring finger and saw her husband masturbating

    his flaccid penis on the sofa.

    With the moon light shining in through the sliding

    doors Jack could clearly see into the bedroom. He could

    hear her moans and see the boy's hands cupping her

    breasts and caressing her body. His eyes burned with

    lust as her mouth savored the rigid boy cock. His own

    need had lurched in his hand as he fumbled to hold on

    to himself. Opening her mouth she kissed the head of

    his penis and then engulfed it completely, taking him

    as deep as he would go into her throat. With her hand

    cupping his sack and squeezing lightly she moved her

    head up and down his stiff member.

    In time the boy pushed her off and kissed his way to

    her breasts and encircled a nipple as he pulled hard to

    draw moisture from her. Debbie felt the rush of wanton

    desire course through her body as he trailed kisses

    down her stomach to nuzzle his face into her scent.

    With heaving hips and the sound of inhaled breath, Jack

    knew that the boy was nursing upon her clitoris. Soon

    they fell into a naked embrace as the boy penetrated

    his wife with his black cock. He saw Debbie, eyes wide

    open looking at him, and he knew this was what she

    desired. Spent, he watched the two bodies lurch and

    lunge into each other, meeting the other's thrusts and

    willing their every pore to pleasure above all else.

    Finally, at the peak of erotic desire the boy stiffened

    and moaned into Debbie's breast. Debbie, legs wrapped

    tightly around the boy, pulling him as far into her as

    she could to fill her need, cried out "yeeesssss!"

    As she laid quietly, the boy teasing her nipple, she

    thought of Hattie. She would never have considered

    having sex with a boy. She knew it was Voodoo. Feeling

    the throbbing of the boy's cock embedded firmly in her,

    she began to rhythmically rock. She was a married woman

    of 32 unable to refuse a perverse passion. She

    surrendered her most intimate treasure to this

    forbidden lust and the proof was in her now swollen

    belly, pregnant by a boy's seed, with his black baby.