A Cuckold's Emotions

I am a cuckolded husband and have been for some years now; my wife has, over the years, had a string of lovers - some white but mostly black. Like most cuckolds I was shocked and hurt at first, but over the years I have come to terms with my wife's unfaithfulness and now find that I encourage her in her love life.
For me there is no better feeling in this world than I get when I see her kissing her boyfriend and then watching as she takes him upstairs for the night. To listen outside the bedroom door to her long drawn out moan as her penetrates her with his big black manhood is especially delicious; the sound they make as they get into their love making rhythm is such a wonderful feeling.
But best of all is the intense emotional rush that I feel when I hear that now familiar roar that he makes and I hear my wife give out that mix of scream and moan when he comes in her. It takes a special type of man to accept that another man's seed is flooding into the love of his life.
My question is, how do other cuckold feel?