A Cuckolds Beggining !


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It's funny how when there is something that a part of us wants to do while another part doesn't, we sometimes build up walls to guard ourselves against giving in to our weaker side. Such was the case with my wife Fran when it came to my desire to see her with a black man. I had gotten so used to her throwing those walls up that I had quit even consciously thinking about it. But, you know, it’s funny how sometimes if you just leave a wall alone, don't do anything to tear it down or to reinforce it, it will start to crumble on its own. That was the case with Fran and the crumbling was so subtle that I think not even she realized it and I certainly didn't recognize it until the wall was almost totally in a shambles.

There were plenty enough signs. Suddenly she started to seem to be frustrated and discontent with herself and with her life in general. Where she had always been active in her church activities, almost to the point where it seemed to be an obsession with her, she suddenly started expressing almost dread at having to go to this or that activity, a lot of times saying she would just like to stay home and rest instead. At the time, I just chalked it up to her actually being tired from her heavy workload. Then again, sometimes she would just say that she sometimes wished she could just chuck it all and quit going like other people she had known. At these times, I made sure to stay indifferent, if not protest that she knew she didn't want to do that. She actually did stop doing some of the things, occasionally skipping a meeting or activity that she would never have missed before. Still that was not any indication to me what was going on in her mind.

Then she was also frustrated with her appearance and she finally seemed determined to do something about it. It was amazing how quickly the pounds came off and how she worked herself into a much more fit condition, especially for her age. I made sure I complimented her as I saw the way she kept looking better and better every week, even joking a couple of times that she might be looking for a boyfriend. She would just laugh and say that maybe she was. I just passed it off as joking. There was no way I was ever going to get my hopes up that there was anything like that in our future.

Let me give you a little background that makes this whole thing even more surprising. My wife is in her mid-fifties and to my knowledge has never been unfaithful to me, even though I, as stated before, have often tried to coax her into opening up and experimenting sexually. She had gotten up to around 200 pounds, which on her five foot six frame was not grossly fat, but much heavier than she would like. With her recent exercise and dieting, she has really become quite attractive, trimming down to an almost svelte 145 and surprisingly still maintaining her 38d breasts that show surprisingly little sag for a lady her age. She had definitely become a much more attractive lady and subsequently our sex life became much improved. Still, we would often use the black fantasy for further stimulus and I still hoped that it would someday become a reality, although I had long since quit mentioning it at all except in a joking manner.
Despite all the physical and mental changes, she had undergone in such a short time, I still had no reason to believe that anything was going on until recently. My suspicions became more aroused on a recent Friday night.

I had switched shifts, working an evening shift, and about midway through the evening I decided to call Fran and let her know that I would be staying over for a couple of hours after work to cover for another employee. There was no answer when I called our home. At first I was surprised and then I remembered that she goes to her my mother in laws house every other Friday to play games. Things became a little more suspicious when I called there and learned that they were not playing games that night and Fran had not been there at all. What could she be up to?

By the time I arrived home that early morning, Fran was in bed. I took my shower and sat there on the edge of the bed just staring at her for a moment or two. It was almost like I was looking for something that might be a clue if something was really going on I should know about.
She was wearing a flannel gown that went nearly to her knees, so I could not get a look at her body for any telltale signs without awakening her. Accepting this, I slid into the bed, turned out the light and cuddled up with her, enjoying her light, sleepy sigh as she snuggled tighter against me.

I tried to drift off to sleep, but I my mind was racing, envisioning her in different sexual situations. I had to know. My suspicions were confirmed as soon as my hand touched her sex. She squirmed slightly from the light contact of my fingers and I discovered that she was very wet and very open. I know it might sound crazy, but I let my finger dip slightly into her gaping cunt, bringing my fingers to my mouth and tasting them. There was no doubt she had been well fucked earlier that evening. The wetness was definitely not just her juices. Her open, steamy pussy was full of man juice and her thighs were sticky from where she had leaked onto them in her sleep. Now I knew, she had been with someone and from the way she was still gaping, he was obviously well hung. Could it be that she had finally, on her on, granted my wish? Content with the knowledge I now possessed, I drifted off to sleep, knowing I would soon find out one way or another what had transpired.

She had already awakened and left for work by the time I got up the next morning, so I had a few hours to let my imagination go wild. I discovered the panties that she had so carelessly left lying in the bathroom floor. Sure enough, they were still wet and sticky. She had obviously gotten quite a filling from some stud.

I was all ready to confront her and find out what had happened, when she called and said she was going shopping after she got off work. From the tone of her voice, I sensed that she was nervous about something and figured she was just putting off the inevitable a while longer.
When she did come home, a couple of hours later, she headed straight to the bathroom, barely taking time to give me our usual hug and kiss. I was really getting antsy by the time she came out of the bathroom.

"Was he good?" I asked, my arms circling her waist, my lips teasing her neck.
"What are you talking about, hon'?" she replied, a tremble going through her body.
"Awwwwwww, come on, babe. I know you got fucked last night." I laughed, letting my hand drift down her belly, causing her to jerk as I cupped her mound through her clothes. "Did you go fuck him again when you got off work?"

"Oh God, don't make this any harder." she pleaded, her words coming out in almost a sob as her eyes started to tear up. "I'm sorry, hon'."
"Hey, babe, it's okay. I'm not mad." I assured her, turning her to me and kissing her lips gently. "At least I won't be as long as you tell me what happened."

"Promise?" she asked, sniffling slightly, a tear rolling down her cheek. "I never meant for it to go this far. I just flirted a little too much and things went too far before I knew it."

"I told you it was okay." I soothed her, leading her over to the couch and sitting down, holding her hand gently as I stared into her eyes. "Lord knows I asked for it. Just tell me about it, please."

"Well, you know how a month or so ago, you were joking with me about me looking for a boyfriend?" she began, gently squeezing my hand.
"Yes....but I was just kidding." I replied, suddenly finding myself getting an erection just thinking about where this conversation was going.

"I knew you were, but the fact of the matter is, there was a guy who had really been flirting a lot with me at the time, a black Guy." she blurted out, a look of uncertainty in her eyes. "He comes in to work a lot and as I started losing weight he kept flirting, making comments about how hot I was looking and how the guys were going to be all over me if I kept it up."

"Well, what do you expect, hon'?" I asked, anxious to hear more. "After all, you are pretty hot looking, especially for an "older" lady."
"It was all innocent at first and I really thought it would stay that way." she continued, blushing slightly, probably recalling how it had begun. "Even though his flirtations definitely had sexual overtones, I thought I could trust, if not him, at least myself. After all, he was pretty discreet and never really said much if anyone else was in earshot."

"Sounds like he is a pretty smooth operator." I commented, thinking it might ease any guilt she was feeling.
"He was, really a little too smooth for me to handle." she laughed nervously. "I thought nothing of it when he asked me to meet him for lunch."

She then revealed that they had started having lunch together a couple of times a week and as she became more comfortable with him she had made a fatal mistake.
"What kind of mistake?" I asked, having a feeling I knew already, but wanting to hear it from her.
"Well, I told him about our fantasies and about how you had tried for a long time to talk me into making them a reality." she said, haltingly, even now realizing what a mistake that had probably been. "I felt so comfortable with Darren that I didn't think anything about it. It just came out."

"Soooooo....let me guess." I laughed, wanting to get on to the "juicy" details. "He talked you into going out with him and he got you a little tipsy and seduced you?"

"Well, actually no. It didn't happen that way at all." she almost laughed, knowing that is what I had figured. "Actually, I was on my way to the store last night and I noticed his car broken down at the side of the road. He was working on it and I stopped to see if I could help in some way."

She explained that after several minutes, he gave up on getting the car running and told her that if she would give him a ride home, he would clean up and take her to dinner. Having nothing better to do, and wanting to help a friend in need, she agreed.

"We got to his apartment and he quickly offered me a drink, just a coke, while he got cleaned up." she said, her voice sounding a bit dreamy as she started remembering details. "I have to admit, I was having second thoughts, but felt I was in complete control until he came out of the bathroom."

"Why, what happened then, honey?" I asked, knowing things were about to get even more interesting.

"Well, he wasn't wearing a shirt." she began, licking her lips nervously. "Gawd, he is soooo built. It seemed like everywhere I looked a muscle rippled under his flawless dark skin."

"There must have been something in the look I was giving him." she continued, her words measured as if preparing me for what happened next. "Before I knew what was happening, he had taken my hand, pulling me to him, his full, soft lips meeting mine in a kiss that took my breath away."

She told me that the kiss seemed to last for several minutes and she was so focused on that kiss that she hardly realized his hands were on her butt, pulling her so close that she could feel the heat from him through their clothes and feel him getting hard. Before she even had time to tear her thoughts away from that long, velvety tongue in her mouth, one of his hands had closed over her breast, making her nipple hard almost instantly. What shocked her even more was the fact that she suddenly realized her hand had slipped between them and was slowly stroking him through his pants. He felt huge and thick.

"I told him we needed to stop before things went too far." she said, her voice now having an almost breathless quality.
"And what did he say then?" I asked, almost knowing the answer before I asked.

"Well, he said if I could honestly tell him I didn't want to try some of what I was feeling, he would get dressed and take me to dinner." she murmured, her eyes looking dreamy as she recalled that moment of commitment. "Otherwise, he was going to take me to his bed and give me the kind of loving he knew I really needed."
When she didn't answer or release her grasp on his thick tool, he moved slightly away, a strong arm around her waist as he led her to his bedroom.

They stood next to the bed, kissing slowly, sensuously as their hands moved over each other’s bodies, removing the obstacles that stood between the mating of their flesh. When they were both nude, he slowly eased her back onto the bed, his hands parting her thighs as he knelt on the bed, gently kissing the tingling flesh all around her suddenly wet sex mound.
"Did he eat your wet pussy?" I laughed, warming to her story and anxious to hear more. "Is he better at it than I am?"

"Ohmigawd Yesssssssssssss!" she suddenly hissed, almost as if she was reliving the experience. "His lips were so full and soft and seemed to cover my whole pussy at once. His tongue was sooooooooooo long and velvety and his fingers were so big that they felt almost as big as your cock when he started working them in and out of me slowly while he sucked and licked all over my pussy. I think I had my first orgasm in just seconds and they just kept coming and coming one after another."
She told me that he slurped and probed at her sopping vagina until she actually heard herself begging him to stop. She was soaking wet and so weak she thought she might pass out.

"He grinned at me wickedly and said that the only way he was going to quit eating my sweet pussy was if I was ready to have it filled with his hard black dick." she recalled, her hand slipping between her legs, unconsciously fondling herself. "I opened my eyes and looked down at where his cock was, just an inch or so from my pussy. Gawd it was so huge and black!"

"How big was it, hon'?" I asked, knowing from the way she had been so opened and gaping the other night that it had to be huge. "Did it scare you?"

"Well, it's not like I took time to measure it." she giggled, blushing at her own joke. "But, he said it was 9 to 10 inches and I have to believe it. And yes, there was a moment there when I was afraid I would not be able to handle it, especially when he suddenly pushed into me. I have never been so stretched in my life. It almost hurt, but it was a good hurt."

She went on to explain that the pain had gradually started to be replaced by the most exquisite feeling of fullness as he slowly worked inch after inch of his thick, throbbing hardness into her, stopping from time to time and kissing her to let her adjust to his size. He had taken nearly ten minutes before he had his full length in her, so big that the head and quite a bit of his meat actually felt like it was inside her womb, something she had never imagined possible before.

"I just couldn't get enough." she sighed, smiling dreamily. "I kept begging him to fuck me harder and harder. I felt like such a slut, but I didn't care as long as he never stopped fucking me."

"Hmmmmmmm...sounds like you had quite a time." I laughed, now cuddling up to her, my lips teasing her neck while I gently kneaded one of her heaving breasts. "Did you get enough of it to get it out of your system?"

"Ohhhhhhh gaaaaawwwdddd...honey, we were both insatiable. I didn't know a man could possibly do it that much and still cum so much every time." she smiled. "He must have pounded me for a half hour that first time....and then we just cuddled and after a while he asked me to suck him."
"Did you suck him off or just get him hard and ready again?" I laughed, a bit nervous as I realized how hooked she appeared to be.

"Well, he wanted me to stop, but he was oozing so much and tasting so good that I wanted to taste him." she grinned, licking her lips even as she remembered it. "But then, almost as soon as he came, he was back in me again. He came in me two more times before I finally got control of myself enough to notice the time and told him I needed to go."
"Well, sounds like you really came out of your shell, babe." I said, smiling to reassure her that I was not in the least angry with her.
"Ummmmmhuuuuuh! I would never have believed it." she giggled, obviously relieved that I seemed to be so happy for her. "He wasn't through though."

"Whatta you mean?" I asked.

"Well, he suggested that I should probably shower before I went home, you know, in case you were home." she said, blushing slightly at her latest admission. "Anyway, I refused to shower by myself and we got carried away again and......"

"I get your drift." I laughed, realizing that was why she was still so wet and open when I discovered her. "So, where do we go from here?"
"I don't really know, hon'." she admitted, concern suddenly etched on her face.

"You may have started something you can't control."

"Well, I don't really mind. It was what I asked for all these years, I suppose." I replied, not really knowing what else to say. "I just don't want you slipping around behind my back. I would like to be a part of it, if he will allow that."

"Funny, we were just talking about that a while ago." she said, grinning mischievously to let me know why she had been late getting home from work.

"And........?" I asked, hoping for the answer I wanted to hear.
"Honey, he said he has no problem with that at all." she assured me. "As a matter of fact, you are not the first white husband who has wanted to watch him do his thing."

"Good, because I want to be a part of your pleasure." I concluded, hoping I didn't sound too willing and anxious.

"Matter of fact, he said he has no problem with you getting "really" involved in it." she said, amused at what I had to be thinking. "I think I would like to see that."

"Well, let's take it a step at a time, hon'." I said, suddenly feeling a bit nervous at what her words implied.
As I sit here writing this, Fran is on the phone with her new lover, has been for over an hour. Even though we had some of the hottest sex of our lives following her confession, she still seems ready for more. They have been laughing a lot and I can't help but wonder what they have planned when he comes over later tonight. Maybe I will tell you all about that at a later time. View attachment 862138

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