A couple of my captions...

Do you like this style of caption?

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I see what you're getting at and I have come across such pieces of work before. You definitely have to keep your audience in mind as male and female brains are titillated differently. However, don't give up. I'd like to see what else you can come up with.


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I like subtle, but I prefer "captions" instead of Stories. but that seems to be the norm here as well. All you really need is a few words to send someones imagination over the deep end. If you describe the entire screen in detail, it's no longer a caption and nothing to imagine.

For example, all you really needed for the second pic (girl in shower) is;
"her bull would have his way many more times today... Then she knew he would be gone."

Part of the excitement is us filling in the blanks. ;)

That's a really interesting and useful analysis thank you TwoBiFour. That's exactly the kind of scenario I was trying to create for the shower picture so I got it almost right!