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A Cocktail with Dinner...

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I took my wife out on Wednesday for an early dinner and I “jokingly” suggested that she have a cocktail or two with her meal. I explained that I was interested in finding out what she was like in the bedroom while under the influence of alcohol, and that since we had never tried that before, that this seemed like the perfect opportunity. She agreed and ordered a fruity ice drink full of Malibu rum…
By the end of our meal she had consumed 2 full glasses of the icy drink and I could tell that she was feeling no pain. We paid our bill and headed straight home. She talked really dirty to me while rubbing and squeezing my cock the entire ride home, and as soon as we walked in she started peeling off clothes and she headed straight for the bedroom.
She hopped right online and searched her usual search, “gangbang porn”, clicked one of the first links and started watching MMF three-way. I undid her bra, and started to slide her underwear off when she stopped me and told me I had to wait until her pussy was wet all the way to her asshole, and she again started flipping through videos. I left the room for a few minutes, but reminded her of the movies that I had bookmarked for her previously on my way out.
I came back in after about 15-20 minutes and asked her how it was going. She pointed out one that she liked, but stated that it had black guys in it, so she wasn’t sure if she wanted to watch it. I told her she should definitely watch it, that the other movies were boring because they had no color in them. I told her that if I could pick the movie for her it would be an all-black gangbang on one slutty little white pussy, and she smiled and told me “I was thinking of watching one of those.” Cha-Ching!
I told her to click it and let it play and to just keep watching as I started in on her soaking wet pussy. I will spare the details of the many different ways that I pleasured her over the next 90+ minutes, but I will say that she watched, and re-watched that same video the whole time. I was very busy and focused on pleasing her but it appeared to me that the greatest point of interest in the movie for her was when the pale little brunette was on her knees with her mouth and hands full of fat black cocks. She doesn’t know it, but I have a big surprise for her the next time she’s in the mood…