A Chicago Cuckolding Story

We had been sitting there for several hours, it was a day off, a very nice day by the beach. Shortly before 4:30 they walked up to us... Yes, they... A white male and a white female in their mid 20's. Now, this doesn't just happen in Chicago on a nice summer day. These two should be downtown, or in Lincoln Park, or some suburb far away from Rogers Park. However, here these two were walking towards us.

They were both blonde, rather pale, glasses, fairly fit. Both looked equally scared as they came to a stop, then she spoke... She said, "Do you think this body needs black dick?". Now this just doesn't happen. Two white folks don't come up to a group of 4 black men sitting in a park near Lake Michigan at 4:30 in the afternoon.

One of the guys responded, "Clearly you're offering it, so yes she does.". The white boy responds, "Well, do you guys have a place we can go?". "Sure, depends on what she all wants to get into." responded another. "Well, she's never been with a black guy and never been with a group.". I responded, "Bro, let her respond, we don't know her name and you're gettin annoying." The white boy then backed up and looked at her. "I'm Chrissy", she said. "So you want to get down with a group of black men?", I asked. "Yeah, I'm visiting Chicago, no one knows me here anymore and he's suggested maybe I need some black in me.", she said. At this point the four of us were standing facing these two white folks, the tension was high. I thought the two would chicken out, however there they stood ready to go forward.

"Yeah, we got a place and we got some time.", I said. At which point, we began moving out of the park and towards one of our apartments a few blocks away. The walk was fairly silent, more determined to get us there before these two whites backed out. They were in too deep however. Upon arriving at the apartment one of the guys looked at the white boy and said, "We're gonna go up, we'll call you when we're done.". At which point, we bundled Chrissy up into the foyer and then up the stairs before white boy could follow us in.

The now five of us made it to the apartment, poured a few drinks and toasted what could possibly turn out to be a great evening. Chrissy polished off one and then began to look around, the panic in her eyes said it all. "Why don't you kneel down right here.", one of the guys said as he pushed down on her shoulders. They guys began to unzip and pull out, circling a nervous white girl. The guys began to place her hands on their cocks, the one infront who was already erect put her cock to her lips and said, "suck it". I stood behind, taking pictures, encouraging her to play and get comfortable.

One of the guys pulled away, messed around at the counter and then lit something. "Here, take a puff." he said to Chrissy. She nervously took the blunt between her lips as he held it and inhaled. She began to cough but quickly got over it. She went back to sucking these now very erect black dicks. I discretely texted a picture of her doing her thing from her phone to the white boy who had been with her. He texted back, "is she ok, can you tell me that she's ok, can i talk to her?". We didn't respond back to him...

To be continued...
As the day wore on, it became clear what would happen. The guys and Chrissy stopped for a blunt break. They began stripping her down. Nude, they dragged her to the couch where they began very forcefully using her mouth, two at a time. She had a look of horror on her face, but made no attempt to stop it. When she could she would catch a breath, when it became to rough, she vomited, when one was close to cumming, he pulled out saving his seed for a bigger finish. As before, the texts from Patrick would come and be ignored, or answered with, "yea she ok.".
As the guys one by one dropped out of throat fucking her, it was obvious they would begin using her in the most intimate of ways. After a short rest and a pass of a blunt, Chrissy was put on her knees and bent over the cushions of the couch. One of the guys sat in front of her and she was encouraged in a not so gentle way to take him in her mouth. Another, lined himself up with her unshaven appearing tight pussy. He slowly inched himself in. I took a picture and sent it to Patrick. Chrissy appeared to be in heaven and asked for a puff of a blunt, we happily gave it to her.