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A challenge to my fellow White people who have race play fantasies.

Please read and follow the links below of mainstream news articles on race play and cuckolding. I for one admit to having White privilege and underlying racial thoughts. I'm willing to own up to that and I wish more whites would do the same.

I know this is somewhat uncomfortable and nobody wants to have this conversation but in the wake of the racist killer Dylan Roof's church shooting spree and attempted "race war" I feel this discussion is more important than ever. His attack on innocent church goers harkens back to the tragic church bombings in Birmingham that killed four innocent young Black girls. I for one have no interest in repeating this history. I want to move forward so I'll go first.

I'm a White Man from the deep South. Almost all my hottest sexual fantasies are based around interracial sex in one form of another. In one fantasy I imagine that slavery is reversed and that Blacks are the Masters. I've acted this out by submitting to Black Doms before. On the other side of the coin I have a fantasy of being a Plantation Master in the old South and owning an entire stable of Black slaves to use for my own pleasure. Before you go and call me a racist just remember it's undeniable that many Black Women have submissive feelings toward White Men and this demographic of the interracial community is under represented when compared to the numbers of people who have this fantasy.

Personally I think it's hot to imagine I am the Master and while I'm off in the female slave quarters endulging my desires for Black pussy my prim and proper, but neglected sex starved, Southern wife is sneaking off behind my back to get fucked my by my prized Negro field hand with his large Black cock and his muscular physique that I as a privileged White Man never developed due to my pampered lifestyle.

Are my fantasies racist? Yes, absolutely they are racist to the core. They are forbidden and taboo which is what makes the idea so erotic. What I can't understand, what irritates me to no end is whites who share similar race play fantasies, who refuse to admit it's their racism that fuels their fantasies and the stereotyping inherent in this genre. I've met numerous Black Men who hate this genre because it reduces them to nothing more than a BBC and quite frankly equates them with animals. As a prime example the Black Bull and Negro Buck are two significant themes in this fetish. What does this say about White people? Do they think of having sex with Blacks as a form of beastality?

Here is a familiar image:


King Kong is a classic example of the types of imagery promulgated by White Men who in my opinion are in denial about their head over heels love for the Black race. People like Roof want to keep Black and White divided and stop us from coming together in loving sexual union. We are all doing the best we can here.

Nobody is perfect but continuing to deny the racial tension that exists in this country will only lead to more tragedy. I'm here to confirm that Black people are not beasts in any way. They are complex emotional and spiritual beings who in my experience are some of the kindest people and the best friends I've ever known. Unlike the whites who are superficial and OBSESSED with appearances but that's just my personal experience. I don't claim all Whites are a certain way.

My suggestion is to stop giving grief to submissive Blacks who want to act out a Master slave fantasy with a White Dom, admit that we are all capable of racist thoughts, and recognize where our desires come from. Blacks and Whites are different and that's ok. I wouldn't wish for it to be any other way. Opposites attract and I think it's obvious this is a huge factor in interracial attraction. As I said nobody is perfect and I don't believe an individual should be judged based on their fantasies.

One more thing that should be addressed is the expectation of Black Men to be hyper masculine. Black Men have cuckold fantasies too In fact some very famous Black Men indulge in these fantasies. Tiger Woods is one of them and I don't think anyone would argue that he is a sissy or a wimp. As I said before we are all just trying to work through these feelings as best we can with fantasy role play. Black Men shouldn't be constrained to a role that Whites want them to play. If Black Men want to experience being cuckolded by a dominant White Man then I say more power to them.



Thank you.


Color, contrast and size. And I love watching all of it while I wank my little white dick. PERIOD!


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I never encountered a black man that wouldn't fuck me because I was white. I did find some that called
me a white slut or whore but they all wanted some white pussy. I didn't feel like my having sex with
those black men was racist rather it was the fact that the black man could satisfy me sexually.



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My wife would never fuck someone simply because he has a BBC. We both enjoy the color contrast of her being with a black man but he's NOT getting anything unless he's handsome, charismatic, fit and sensual. If he offers those thing's she will take all of his "BBC" balls deep but many times it's been an "ABC"

Sorry, dude! I've heard this garbage before on other sites. Why does there have to be some white racism attached to this and why can't a white woman simply find some black men attractive? My wife finds probably less than 5% of black men attractive, about the same percentage as she would find white or Hispanic men. She doesn't play exclusively with black men but we have found the black men we met to be more at ease in the situation and we've never had one overstep our boundaries. I'll have to agree with the others about "left wing BS"
Let me chime again:

  1. I am attracted to black men more than I am white men. Why? Not sure really but its not "racial" as far As I know, its a very basic attraction. I am blonde, I know guys say hi to me just because I am blonde, does that make them haircolorist?
  2. From my experience with black men there is a taboo part of it- black men just wanting to try a white girl.
  3. I will not deny I probably started out being curious because it was taboo, but before that I was attracted to black guys, which came first?
  4. It seems in the IR world there is an unspoken mutual "using" of each other that is ok- I am using a black guy, he is using a white girl. Its OK! And I believe its part of what makes the sex so hot!
  5. For me IR sex is not bestiality! IR sex is sex with someone of a different ethnicity and bestiality is sex with a different species- LOL its very different!

And, from the way you finish off your post, you clearly separate black from white, its beyond a fantasy.
I saw this in a docu recently about the porn industry. Someone was upset that not all women would do IR.
IMHO what turns your crank turns your crank. You can't help it.