60 breeding cuckold white wifes maried to only black bull in one year

I have listen to TV an incredible information : A black bull has breeding 60 cuckold white wife maried in one year on Tennessee ! Is it possible ?
60 black babies in 2013 ! And 60 cuckolds hubby moreover !
I think this guy would be register in Guiness book ?
And you, what do you think to this information on locat TN TV ?


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lopez, I think your post would be a lot more interesting if it was supported by a news link, pics, etc. As posted, it simply appears to be cuckold news sensationalism; although, a black man fathering kids by multiple women isn't unusual; at a 72% illegitimacy rate, go figure! A few years ago I filled out the beneficiary papers for a 19 yo, single, black male that listed 9 children by 8 different females, and had the social security cards for every one of those kids in his pocket. He said he had another baby on the way in 3 months, and wanted to know if he could add that baby as a beneficiary when it was born. The guy had never been married, and over half of his paycheck was being garnished by his employer. Fathered his first 2 kids before he was 16. :eek: