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5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago my wife finally experimented with black cock and promptly doomed our marriage. In the following months, she grew infatuated with her black bull Jarod and I was slowly marginalized, and eventually demoted to voyeur. I guess, owing to being intimidated and my own insecurities, I did not resist being sidelined, body waxed, pantied, and eventually locked up.

My wife and I limped on for a year before we divorced. She moved to Colorado, where she is happier in being the mother of two black young boys.


Sweet & Cordial
Gold Member
Danica, having just glanced over your prior posts, do you really understand "why" your wife left you?
It appears to me that you currently desire what your wife wanted ... a strong, alpha black male. Don't you feel you'd be better served by simply admitting to yourself that the only reason for desiring a heterosexual relationship with a female is to bring these type men into your own life? Each of us are who we are, but I'm not sure this is the best site to help you in pursuing your homosexual relationships with black men.
Well, I think they were an important step in me learning what I really am, versus what I was pretending to be. I was simply unprepared for the power and allure of submission. Still working a lot out.

Thanks for your feedback.