45 years a cuckold couple

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    Just wanted to say hi. Hubby and I were married for 6 months when we entertained our first man for sex. I was only 19. I had been shy in school so never dated, but all my fantasies when I masturbated were about being a slut and gang-bangs. Hubby had been submissive and serviced men. Shall we say that it was a marriage made in heaven. Our desires, our perversions compliment one another. Back then I never heard of cuckolding, although it was exactly what we were doing. I needed men and hub needed to serve. I was (unsuccessfully) searching for those mind-blowing orgasms. All those men, including gang-bangs, and several women (I am bisexual) and I did not have a multiple squirting orgasm until my first black guy 12 years ago. I have been black only ever since. I have found that black men actually embrace cuckold marriages a lot more then the white guys did. Black men seem to enjoy using hubby too.
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    Welcome to this site.
    You will find many nice people here and all the help and support you could ever want.
    I like your post and envy you and your husband. Sounds like the perfect couple.
    Good Luck and enjoy this site.
    I like the Avatar, nice pic.
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    Thank you. Hubby and I feel very fortunate to have met. We are a normal, happily married couple who love the cuckold life-style.
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