3rd Anniversary Constance + Black officer and Me

Constance came as I eagerly sucked the juices from wet pussy, we both dropped off to sleep for a few hours before we woke up and took a shower together, as I washed my wife's body paying paticular attention to breasts and a between her legs, I asked her if she should happen to be presented with another opportunity like what happened on the bus and she was going to fuck that she insist that they have condoms on for protection of our unborn baby, she agreed and returned the favor of washing my cock when once again in the excitement I filled her hand with my cum, as she poured the cum into my waiting mouth she exclaimed that she hoped later this evening that I would be able to give her the fucking she desperately needed. While getting ready she shaved her pubic area removing what little bit of stubble she had so that her cunt and pubic mound was like a young girl, she put on the lace panties I got for her and as I suspected, buying them one size smaller ensured that they rode up her slit and showed off her pubicmound as she put on a nice pair of tight shorts and a blouse with a Bra similar to the one she wore on the bus except this time I had her wear the one which did not cover her nipple, she looked great and happy to have something that would be comfortable to wear out on an August evening in Pensacola, before going out to eat I convinced her to go with me to Rosie O's for some drinks then we would go out to eat.

As we worked on our 3rd pitcher, Constance kept munching on the salted popcorn and drinking more beer, I convinced her it was time to leave but standing up caused her to be unsteady on her feet she pulled back her blond hair and asked me if I could tell if her nipples were hard because she said that the friction of the shirt rubbing over them was making them sensitive and driving her mad...! I told her that was the idea as I gave them a playfull pinch, oh god...she whispered in my ear, your driving me crazy..! She told me that after this morning on the bus and again this evening her pussy was dripping and needing to be fucked. We stumbled to the door and to keep her from falling I grabbed a hold of the back of her shorts but instead of shorts I grabbed her underware pulling them up tighter into her slit and cunt and across her clit, ooooohhhhhh Shit......! she exclaimed as she grabbed onto me and let out a suprise cry and moan at the same time. I realized that her panties had pulled up into her cuntal crack and must beextremely unconfortable. When I noticed that we had bumped into a Black Navel flight Trainee from the Air base, knocking him into the wall, he was dressed in his Ltjg whites and was on his way out as well, though he was drunk as well he offered to help me with Constance and before I could say anything she fell into his arms stumbling again he caught her just under the arms with his hand holding both of her breasts, he hands were squeezing her breasts as he gained his footing and tried to hold up my wife, I said sure that apparently she was more under then I thought and my car was just around the corner about a block away. As he tried to dis-engage his hands from her breasts my wife told him how good his hands felt on her breasts and that her nipples were real sensative right now and his thumb was rubbing them just right, she held his hands on her breasts not letting him move them, he looked at me and i told him that she is just drunk and not realizing what she was doing. He laughed and said that he understood, we finally got her between us and as we walked I intentionally pulled her panties up tighter she kept telling me to stop and I played dumb, she asked the name of the guy helping us and he told her that he was Charles, P., the next words out of my wife's mouth suprised me as she grabbed his dick, "I want to thank you for helping us and this is our 3rd anniversary and I hope you got a big fat cock, Charles because I want you to fuck me!" Charles jokingly told her that it was big enough but she should not want to be fucking somebody other than her husband on her anniversary, as she fished his cock out of his pants. I told him that he should go along with it because she would soon be passed out and not remember anything, I offered to take him back to the air field once we got her into the hotel room so he would not get picked up. Charles and Constance got into the backseat of the car while I drove the 15 minutes to our motel, I took a couple of extra turns around the block as Charles kept tellingConstance how good her mouth felt around his cock, "Gregg you got yourself one hot black cock sucking bitch, she sucks cock like a whore." Yeah I know Charles she has had lots of practice before we were married but I got a feeling she is going to be starting again.