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35/black/stud/philadelphia seeking...


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In prime stud looking for straight white couple for play and possible ownership ltr[/

My gf is a size doesn't matter girl. Want to show her shes wrong?

Not only is she a bbc virgin...Ready for this? ;-) she's had girlfriends before me...I'm her first guy! I'm average size (never measured but nothing like what I see here) so you'll enjoy the stroke and she loves performing oral, it actually makes her hot and wet! You'll enjoy yourself.

I've been open about my fantasy. She's accepting. Shell reluctanty play out a situation where she texs like shes cheating on me. But it's not her favorite and...with a black guy?!? Recently we fooled around and she seemed annoyed with me and the situation in general. She was like "this isn't really any fun for me..." I'm positive that if you properly motivate her she'll go in any and all ways and then some! She can't resist indulging her spiteful bitch.

Tonight she's away on a work, group building, retreat in Lancaster County. If she was going to take the plunge it would be tonite. So, if you up for a challenge, have serious game message me and I'll give you details. This is the ultimate cucky situation for all involved! IF...you agree to text me pics, video, and call me so I can listen to her as your bbc enters that sweet, sweet, honey pot. I also want to listen to her first bbc bj (did I mention she hasn't a gag reflex?)
This is tonight only! Saturday July 23rd!!