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34 YO Male - Married and confused a bit

My wife and I have been married since our early twenties. At college she enrolled three years after me and in a different part of the college. She met and befriended a smart, tall, handsome football player. Yes he was black. My wife is European, and she is very sexy. I knew something was up when I ran into her one day at lunch on campus with him.. She seemed startled and nervous. I shook the guys hand and went on with my business. Lets call this fool BB. Anyway this was about 15 years ago.

I was insanely jealous. I asked her about him and she said they studied together and that he was just a friend. So on a certain Friday at school, (she had two morning classes and I had a long ass lab. I would get out around three and she would get out around 9:30 a.m. Thinking about this day pisses me off.) I went to the Lab and we spent about an hour and were kicked out because of some accidental spill. So I went to her classroom and waited until her class let out at the undergrad building. Her class let out......and she was not there. She was not there.... and she and I were there in time for her 7 AM class. I also knew this politics class was where she and BB met. He did not get out of the class either. So I was beside myself with anger, jealousy and light headedness. I looked everywhere for her. I went home and she had left no clues.... It was a nightmare. I was at home waiting for her when she showed up like around 4 pm.

She walked in with a bunch of shopping bags.

"Where were you?"

" Hi Babe.... I was shopping whats wrong? I want to show you the stuff I bought!" She was nervous and smiling...she looked happy.

"What the fuck...? you didn't tell me you were going shopping? I waited outside your class. Who were you with.?"

She put the bags down. "Babe I went with BB to the mall. It's not what you think. He's cool...a friend, don't be jealous. Were just talking."

" Let me show you what I bought! I bought this for you......"

She showed me some of the stuff she bought. I had often wanted her to buy some sexy heels and she had said no, then she goes with this guy and she had some sexy heels all of a sudden. She bought two pairs and some sexy tight white pants..... and she said it was all for me. At this point I admit I was angry and aroused. She had also bought some panties that she did not show me at that moment and a silver ankle bracelet that she told me about later. I think the ankle bracelet was from him however.

So I dropped it. I dropped the debate.

I will tell you it was a slow and steady process, it hurt and confused me, it aroused me. She changed also slowly, and I liked all the changes. She suddenly started dressing sexy occasionally. It was really nice for me, seeing my beautiful young wife happy, sexy and confident. Our sex life improved, and we had some hot sex together. Some of the things she said to me........implicate her cheating such as, "Do you think I have a pretty pussy baby?" While I was licking her and " I like opening my legs for you..." While we were making love.

I think Friday mornings they were together. Sometimes she would go for a run on Sunday early like at 7:30, she would come back at like 9:30 and shower. I got a job like six months after and I remember her being a little sad. Every now and then he would call her but that was it.

We have a kid now, and we are happy. She told me that he was going to come into town and she was going to meet him for lunch. That morning she wore that silver ankle bracelet.