28yo new to BBC!


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Hi sexy Stacey! You´ve a delicious looking ...bum!!! ¨d love to ravage your hot, married, white pussy! Mmm!!!
May I see your media page?
Posted on here once before when I was a BBC virgin. Now, me and the Hubby have made new waves. If you can remember, he was extremely hesitant about sharing me with another man. He liked the fantasy but wouldn't commit, even when I confessed it turned me on ridiculously. Finally, he agreed to try it..This is about me getting hooked on black cock.

We ended up meeting this couple that we knew was into having fun, and we went back to their place. At first he was reluctant, but once he saw how excited I was, he came around. I think the fact that the girls husband was black, he was slightly turned off, however I was probably the Horniest I've ever been in my life. We were having drinks all night, about 4 bottles of wine. We started off having a swinger type session, but it quickly turned into me just craving more of this guys huge cock...He filled me more than I've ever been filled before, as he was a lot larger than my husband, longer and extremely thicker. I came multiple times within the first five minutes of him being inside me while I rode him. I could barely feel my husband when we switched and he tried to fuck me as hard as he could being that he is usually an alpha male type , and I told him that I wanted to fuck Shawn (the other guy) more, because he kept making me cum like never before. He seemed to be mad, but I didn't end up caring at the time..As my pussy was craving his BBC...I honestly say, it's true, about the black guy thing. Now, I crave it consistently and my husband knows I fuck Shawn 1on1 at least once a week. He's ok with it, as it turns him on just as much, however he's not 100% committed..The sense of me being taken by a big strong black man just makes my pussy cream... :inlove:

Fast forward about a month. Shawn had the idea of inviting his cousin over for some fun with us one night.. I've been with Two men at the same time before, but never not including my husband. So I thought it would be interesting!

So I went to meet with Shawn the other night, and explained to the hubby what I was planning. He seemed very jealous at first, but then it seemed he also became very turned on. He asked if he could tag along this time (OMG) at first I was hesitant to let him, but he seemed VERY turned on by the thought. So I agreed..

We arrived at the hotel downtown, and we met Shawn's cousin...WOW. He had to of been about 6'5" and was VERY well built, just muscular and strong. Even made Shawn look obsolete...I Felt my pussy get so wet just from shaking his hand. Watching my hubby shake hands with him, just made me feel so horny...knowing this beast of a man was about to ravage me for as long as I let him...

We entered our hotel room and had a couple of drinks. Shawn began the usual, but it was slightly different as my hubby was sitting in the corner just minding his own business by himself as these men began to touch me...once I knew he wasn't going to freak out (as he is slightly racist might I add as just about all pansy ass white men are..), I whipped out his cousins (Steven) massive 10" cock and began to deep throat it as much as I could...(barley got half way)I heard my husband murmur "jeez baby..." and Shawn told him to "just sit back and shut the fuck up" I looked at him and he smiled, so I knew he was "in character" if you call it that, and it turned me on so much, I felt my pussy opening more and more for these guys. It was almost as if seeing my hubby (who is normally the alpha) being treated like a little bitch turned me on so much, and I honestly feel even if he had a problem with it, he wouldn't have done anything
is that wrong?
Shawn began eating my pussy as he always does, and then plowed into me like there was no tomorrow...my pussy was so wet and open, he slid right in. I came within 3-4 thrusts...this never EVER happens with my hubby as his penis is much smaller.
Shawn knows I like it rough, and seemed to be extra rough knowing my hubby was just sitting there like a little bitch, watching these two big strong black men handle me like there little white slut.

After about 10 minutes of sucking Steven while Shawn railed me from behind (my fav), his cock was so rock hard, it was bigger then my arm...length and circumference...I was nervous as I could see it in the hubs eyes too. When they switched, and Steven began to slide in me...I came again from feeling the largest cock I've ever seen slide in me...not only that, he proceeded to pick me up in the air immediately away from Shawn, and just slam my pussy while lifting me up...I squirted for the first time in my life...all over that black cock. I was overwhelmed with being ravaged...my husband was in awe. They proceeded to fuck me for almost two hours as my husband went down stairs to grab drinks (he said it was getting to him later)...he came back just as we were finishing up... Shawn asked if he could cum in my pussy and I let him while Steven came in my mouth...I had never swallowed before, but I just felt like such a naughty girl, that I did and it made my husband so jealous.. but horny at the same time, that he wanted to fuck Shawn's creampie....at first it was weird...but I came around to it. When he slid in me...I honestly can say I didn't feel shit...nothing....at all.
We tried to have sex the other night, and my pussy was so beat and raveged...I again didn't feel anything, and he told me it felt amazing to him.

I can honestly say, once you go black, you CANT go back. I loved having sex with my hubby, but since we started bringing in this lifestyle, I don't think anything can compare to what a strong black man with a big cock brings. Mmmm I just got so fucking horny typing this! Let me know what you guys/gals think!


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We went out the other night and got completely intoxicated. I was extremely drunk, and for the first time I teased the men at the bar.

The hubby wanted me to dress sexier than ever..so I did. The result was every cock in the building trying to come dance with me. We went to a hip-hop club that is always crowded as I LOVE dancing and teasing the hubby as he watches the guys drool. I never thought in a million years we would be doing what we were, and it is so adrenaline filled. The idea was that I would flirt as much as I could with as many guys as I could, without leaving with anyone. Well, it was all going to plan...until the hottest guy I've ever seen came over and asked of I would join him at his booth..I obliged as the hubby was smiling watching me. I took the guys hand and followed over as the hubby watched in aw... He had two bottles of Belvedere Vodka, and began to feed me shots. He was about 6'3 200lbs, mixed and very VERYY muscular as his arms were screaming to explode out of his shirt. I started to rub on my thighs as we talked, telling me how sexy I was, and how I was the hottest girl in the place, and how stockings are his biggest turn on...I began to feel Very drunk about this time, and began to touch his inner thigh as he kissed on my neck. I thought that I had already seen the largest cock of my life, boy was I wrong!

After about 15 minutes of teasing each other, he asked if I wanted to find somewhere more secluded, I hesitated as long as I could, until he slid his hand under my dress, and forced his big fingers into my soaked pussy...I almost came loll. I couldn't help myself and said "you know it daddy..." The hubby at this point was completely MIA as I could no longer see him. Little did I know, this guy was one of the managers of the place, and pulled me into a back office (how exciting, my pussy was screaming) he picked me up using one arm, and slid everything off this desk and threw me on top of it. His response was "damn girl, your fiening for this dick arnt you!" It was so overwhelming, I screamed at him to just fuck me.

He pulled his pants down and there it was...maybe not the longest cock, but DEFINITELY the thickets...all I could think about was how the hubby said before when Shawn's cousin stretched my pussy, he liked it. So I grabbed his beast of a cock and guided it into my warm wet dripping pussy...he was gentle at first, until I told him to FUCK ME!. And omg, he jack hammered that mocha cock right into me...my legs started shaking right away... he proceeded to pick me up, just like Shawn's cousin did, and slam my pussy so hard, I squirted again! I guess because my hubby isn't the most athletic, and this guy was just throwing me around with ease, it really turns me on. He flipped me over and started fucking me from behind as hard as he could (I usually don't allow this, as this gives the guy the ability to really go deep and it usually hurts) however I just kept Cumming from the drunk excitement. He told me he was about to cum, and asked where I wanted him to/ I told him anywhere he wanted and he just filled my pussy beyond anything I've ever felt with his hot warm cum...it was running Down my thigh before he even pulled out. He grabbed his shirt and let me clean myself up, and It was at this point I realized, I didn't even know his name!

He proceeded to try and give me his number, and told me his name was Eric, but I told him it was a one time thing (as he saw I was married, but didn't know my lifestyle) when I came back to the dance floor, I saw my hubby walking to the bar, and I eagerly jumped to him.
He asked where I had been the past 30 minutes and I told him I'd explain it on the way home so we left. I explained everything in detail, thinking he was going to be mad, as this wasn't what we had agreed, and his cock just got rock hard.
We got home, ran to the bedroom, and began fucking like rabbits. I love my husband, but I believe it is safe to say I'm officially a black cock whore. The hubby said how it was the loosest he ever felt my pussy, and how he did a number on me. I told him for the first time, that I'm really starting to get addicted to this, and he told me it turned him on. I reiterated to him, that he just wasn't going to make my pussy cum anymore like these muscular black guys are with their Confidence and big cocks. He said it was fine...
We took some pictures of us fucking last night, maybe I'll post some if you naughty boys make my pussy wet enough!
Hot. I'm jealous. Did hubby eat your cum filled pussy? I'd love to volunteer for that duty...


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That's a hot story Stacey.... I would love to be with you in that club...swaying to those sexy beats...our bodies brushing against each other..grinding on each other as we move...looking at each other..exploring and felling up each other... And whispering naughty things in each other's ears about what we will do after we get out of the club...