24 yr old with a curious fantasy

So this is a big step posting about it openly, dont know how it will go but here.. my gf and me r in the stage of dirty talk etc, we have had a 3 some one with a friend but it was just that. a threesome. we didnt know how hed react so it we kept it simple (he ddnt know we were together). i want to know whats it called (porn wise) when a bf kisses his gf while she gives head ? im looking for porn like that but dont know search terms thanks


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First i would change the Gender setting in your profile to "male" as not to confuse other members and visitors on B2w. Then i would ask you to better describe the position you were talking about. Maybe it`s just me and i am somewhat slow on the uptake, but i can really not figure out how to kiss a woman while she has a dick in her mouth, unless it is on any other part of her body than the mouth, which i doubt has an own term (porn-wise). Maybe you should post a pic for illustration purposes. ;)