22yr old, 5ft2, Petite, Brunette and Tight - looking for a black trainer


So my wifes kind of new to this and she posed for some pics recently. She's very tight, largest cock shes taken is mine, average 6 inches. She's looking for black guys, preferably older men to stretch her out.

Any interest, please leave some feedback on her pics. Tell her what you'd do to her if she was yours for the weekend.


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just put simple , nice.....
Nice pic but we can barely see anything. Have anything else? Also, has your wife talked to or flirted with any black men recently? If she's game, you should have her talk to the bulls on here.
Yeah, not a great pic. Heres a video, well put up better pics soon.

Ive been anonymously emailing her pics of the bbcs on this website, she hasnt said anything yet, but I know shes seen them. Everytime I mail her, she comes home horny as hell, I wonder why...

Ultimately, I would like to send her an email of bbc jacking off to her pics/video as a suprise, can anyone help?


Just saw the vid. Wow! Your wife is a little minx! Lol would like to see her from the front or at least bent over doggystyle. She def needs a BBC balls DEEP in her pussy. Raw, hard, and DEEP that's for her. Oh, and bareback of course. Love to see her womb dripping with cum, too. I think your woman is really made for this lifestyle! Post more pics and vids! :)