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22y/o White GF soon to be blakcked! (story why/how and pix)


Let me tell you a bout my somewhat recently/maybe newly single, x/current gf Rach.
She is a smoking hot dark blond/ lite burr. I have secretly lead her down this path of corruption. When i met her she was a fun part-yer and lush drinker. When we started dating along time ago, i notice she ONLY would ware thong panties/ underware. She had here belly pierced ones and had been when 1 other dude prior.

Well for the past idk greater part of the year i got addicted to cuckold/ir porn in my own time and would always make fantasy to the porno and here. the IR porno that is and her to a bbc.

Rach now had 2x pierced belly ring, nipple rings, tongue, and a noise ring (real new). and has of last cheated with 2 other dudes now. Also that i mite add she has a sister that is older that went black and often speaks aloud about bbc.

Over the last months i have eased into 1st porn. Then IR porn. I would tell her and show her the superior penis of the black mans cock. Later she would always be the one picking the porno. Yup you guessed always IR always a BBC.

1.5 months ago during drunkin sex i got her to moan about it. Now she is single and i see pics of her parting with alot of black guys from her work. We are set to hang out soon where i will ask about the progress of that "friendship" goes.

Here are some pics so you can put a face to the story and stuff...

FYI: What i most want to see as feedback would A.] White females with there testomories about the greatness of a BBC. B.] BBC's to send some pics and how many whites girls they have taken. Maybe something i can use to show her...

Also i could careless if you think i real or not dont care what you ya think about that. SO please dont say/comment any thing about that.

Any nakie and or panty pics i can put up will mostly be shitty. She was not that into nude pixs so they are all low quality ones from my cel... sorry but hope ya guys can comment on them. Later that is....



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She's hot thanks for sharing with us!
I would fuck her cute self everyday.

FYI if you are trying to get her back showing her hat you did this may not help the cause. Take it for what it is worth you could care about what I say or not just an opinion.

But she is hot as heck from her smallish figure I bet she's tight assess!


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She's HOT and I see why she wants a real cock after seeing your little white dick. Make sure she knows you are okay with her fucking black guys and you'll be home waiting on her to come home after she see's her black studs.
I have no doubt that she has infact been blacked by now im 100% sure. She is always with black dudes from work. and the most recent time we had sex she felt so blown out lol. I have not had real facts tho....
ya know all you guys with this fetish be careful. let it be known i totally scared my my lovely women away and in a bbc arms. We dont much talk anymore, it kinda sucks. She is one of those white girl waitress fucking around with the cocky, cool. ripped, hung bull that everyone loves and he fucks alot of white girls often there first time black. call me fake i wish i were, then id still be fucking thiis..

Picture1.png Picture2.png Picture3.png Picture4.png Picture5.png Picture6.png Picture7.png
Picture7.png BADONKxXx Rachz

So I hung out with Rachel ( did some work on here lap top, i still help her / see her alot. We still watch true blood every monday (she dont have hbo / or cant dl it) well today i showed her the site. It was mostly a outline of it nothing deep. I think she was only like 70% really paying attention the other 30% txting. She made a comment like who would wanna/need to find a black guy, just go to the bar yo. I replied sayong that shit you come here to find BBC / pornstars that bang like it. She giggled and said that true. Whelp I ended the tour of the site by saying something like damn rach a hot ass girl like you... I bet you could get the biggest "pornstar like" guys on the site in instance. So then i acted like i was doing alot of computer work. I was like well i just posted an add of you saying 22y/o hottie wants to bang. She was like wat no way really!? I then mildly yelled wow that guy is fuckin huge. She somewhat hastefully walked to the computer across the room. She said let me see, i wanna see. Is it a black guy what does he look like? I x ed the page out of here profile for her to see. She complained that i blocked her from seeing it / she really wanted to see that thing / how big was it ? / black guy rite/many times times each

Picture1.png Picture2.png Picture3.png Picture4.png Picture5.png Picture6.png Picture7.png Picture8.png Picture9.png

So tell me what ya guys think.... Of me, of her, bout my postings, what you thing?

Dont post saying. FAKE / Fucking FAKE/ soooo annoying

i dont think i could seriously be more honest to ya'll.

And yes i have also seen her pics on others site. 1 extra reason is she has like 500000003 fb freinds A. and B. she literly has 5453 pictures as of to day on fb. So the chance of a copy somewhere... hehhhe ahhhh HIGH! FUCK U
Who is the woman on the bridge? She is smokin. Is she what's her names sister? Please is that tiff farmgirl? lose the make up darlin you are smokin hot without it. Message me I will come to you, Joseph