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22 year old white male petite girlfriend

Hi guys, ive been with my girlfriend since highschool and we have a son together. Im sure we will get married but ive kinda been putting it off. Shes only been with 5 or 6 guys in her l
ife and all of them white. I have a good sized dick about 7 inches and girthy which she loves. She says that I satisfy her in bed, but she likes to be tied up and sometimes I dp her with a dildo she bought. I feel like she has a super freaky side and might be down for bbc, i dont really want to be embarassed or clean anything up, but i feel like watching her tiny frame take a huge black cock would be so hot. but I also dont want to suggest it and she be turned off. My girl is about 5 foot 5 inches tall, 98 lbs, pale skin, and has her tongue and navel pierced. Are there any bulls in or around south carolina that could post some pics here for me to show her? I feel like mabye if she sees the huge dick of a guy that wants to fuck her she might go for it. :)