2-1= 1


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Which is the right answer
Reminds me of a story:
The CEO of a huge corporation was curious as to how his company was doing, so he reserved a private conference room and called in his lawyer, his accountant, and his actuary for a meeting. The CEO asked each the same question: What is 2+2 ?
The lawyer began flipping urgently through his law books and finely looked at the CEO and said, "Sir, legally, it is 4."
The accountant was pecking away on his calculator, then looked at the CEO and said, "Sir, mathematically, it is 4."
The actuary hadn't said a thing yet, so the CEO looked at him and said, "And what is your response?"
The actuary threw back his chair, ran over and lowered the shades to the windows, dimmed the lights in the room, and then leaned over to the CEO and whispered, "Sir, what do you want it to be?"

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