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18yo gf wants BBC (Under Supervision)

We've been watching interracial porn together for about 4 months and she really wants to be with a big black man now.

She's a petite innocent looking girl, about 5'4" 100lbs, but she's a sex fiend! I call her the Energizer Bunny. A lot of times when she comes over we'll have sex 3 or 4 times a night. She masturbates right after I've fucked her a lot of times too. I can only fuck her for about 5 to 10 minutes straight, though with foreplay we fool around longer a lot of times, but I think she could go for hours. I've got a 7" cock, which she can take all the way.

She's got a tight very wet pussy that's always totally bare. She likes anal as well and has a really hot ass.

We live in Kansas, so not a whole lot of black guys here. She knows I'm looking for her. I'd like to find someone 30+ years old with a really big cock, who can possibly come over regularly to fuck her. She wants to try DP too, so someone who would be into that.

She's a sex fiend, but she hasn't been with that many guys (at least she claims). She might not be able to take a really big cock right away, but she wants a really big one, so we want someone with patience who can work her up to it.

Like I said, a lot of times I'll fuck her, and she's still horny afterwards and she'll keep watching porn and masturbating after I've finished. I'm looking for someone who can wear her out. If you can wear her out you can fuck her on a regular basis.

We're looking on a few different dating sites FYI...
[the image formerly included with this post has been removed due to the age of the female, which was a #6 violation of Site's Forum Rules].
Thanks for the offer, but I think that's a bit over out head at the moment. We're looking for someone who can come to my place or a local hotel.
Wow, what a weekend...

He came to my place Friday late afternoon, and got there before her so we had some beers and made small talk. He's a big ex-military guy in his 40s, so a little intimidating at first, but he was cool.

When my gf came in I could tell she was a little apprehensive, but she put her stuff down and we all chilled on the couch, with her sitting between us. We talked for about 10 minutes and I could tell she was nervous, but I had planned ahead and put a porn in the DVD player, so after about 10 minutes of small talk I said, "Let's watch a movie," and I turned it on. It was an interracial movie with Leah Luv in it.

That got things moving, and they started talking what turned her on and the size of the guy's dick, etc. and he says that he's bigger than the guy in the porn, so she wants to see it so he stands up and she starts taking his pants off. Then she pulled down his underwear and his huge cock flops out (which we had already seen pictures of). She was like OMG!

So she strokes it a little, then she starts licking it and sucking it. She could pretty much only get the head in her mouth it was so big. It's one of those that's like so big it doesn't really get hard all the way.

So then he sits down and she takes her clothes off and gets down on the floor and keep sucks his cock a while longer, then she gets up and takes off her panties and straddles him on the couch and starts trying to work his cock into her pussy. After a few minutes of trying, he moves her off onto the couch and he gets down and starts licking and fingering her pussy and talking dirty to her. Meanwhile I'm about to cum in my pants...

So he stands up and starts trying to work it in. She was trying too, but he was only able to get the head in. After a while she rubbed her clit and came with his head in her, and then he started jerking off and she got down on her knees and let him cum in her mouth.

Then she starts apologizing to him and saying she's sorry she couldn't get it in and asks him if he wants to try again some time. He's like, yeah, how about tomorrow, so she's like sure. So he leaves and now she's horny as hell so she comes over to fuck me and she mounts me on the couch and bounces up a down a few times and I cum almost right away. So she's like, "I guess you enjoyed it," and she masturbates and cums again.

Anyway, we went out that night and she was texting him throughout the night. We come back to my place and she's horny as can be. We start fooling around in the bedroom and she leaves and comes back in with a water bottle and she starts masturbating with it, trying to shove it in, unsuccessfully. So we end up having sex and going to bed.

The next day he comes over again, and they go straight to the bedroom. He's like, "I brought some lube this time," and takes a bottle out of his pocket. She sucks him, etc., and they get up on the bed missionary style and he lubes it up and is like, "We'll get it in this time." So he starts working it in and she's like, "OMG! OMG! OMG! It's too big!" and she's pushing back on him a little, but he just kept at it slowly and after a few minutes I think he had most of his cock in her. She was like "Oh fuck..." and I wasn't exactly sure about it, so I said "Are you okay?" and she was just answered with kind of a faint, "yeah".

So they sat there for a few minutes, not moving while she was kind of panting, but calming down, and then he started working it more and more and she started getting into it. Meanwhile I'm sitting there with my clothes on and a huge boner, thinking "Holy shit!"

She finally started getting into it and saying it felt good and stuff and he started fucking her faster until they both came together.

He was like, "See I knew you could do it." She just smiled and was like, "OMG". She pulled the covers over her and he put his clothes on and I walked him to the door and was like, "Thanks man, see you later," (not exactly sure what to say :p )

I went back into the bedroom and she had her eyes closed so I jacked off and then climbed into bed with her and we both slept for a while.

We talked about it later and she was like, yeah, she liked it. I told her I was cool with it if she wants to do it again, and she was just like, "We'll see." She wants me to participate if we do it again, and so do I. She's coming over again next weekend, so we'll see...
Thanks. He came over again last weekend and we both fucked the hell out of her. She really took his cock good that time. He fucked her doggy style for about 10 minutes, then I came over for a turn and when he pulled out her pussy was wide open like I've never seen. Her hole was huge. I put it in and it was like fucking air, so I put it in her ass instead. We took turns with her for about 45 minutes, but we haven't DPed yet, we still want to try that. She's been testing me over the holiday, she's so horny :)