10 inches never had White Woman

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    Im in my early 20's i have been with many races and older women but never been with a White Woman almost fucked my mom best friend i still might but her son is in the way , im looking to experience fun . Im in Georgia
  2. animalman8989

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    "I was just a skinny lad
    Never knew no good from bad,
    But I knew life before I left my nursery,
    Left alone with big fat Fanny,
    She was such a naughty nanny!
    Hey big woman you made a bad boy out of me!
    Hey hey!"

    Queen- Fat Bottom Girls

    But seriously older married PAWGs are the best sex you will ever have.
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    Maybe you could take my wife for a ride she could teach you a thing or 2 and I'm sure you could make her cum on that cock of yours