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1/2 Man 1/2 Amazing in Illinois

I would love to play with your 9" BBC!!! were from Madison Wisconsin but were willing to meet half way!!! Husband will be present at all times!!! If your interested lets swap some pics and set a date!!! Do you have BBC friends???
Your very sexy !!! Unfortunately im not comfortable with the husband watching situation. I definitely have some guys that would definitely be interested in you. Maybe if we meet up we can figure something out !!!
He is straight a it gets he just wants to make sure im safe!!! maybe after get to know each other he would let me spend a night with you alone..... But im definitely interested in hooking up with your friends!!!! Im craving two BBCs to play with for the first time ever!!!!
Sounds like a plan. I definitely understand his concerns. Im flexible as far as us getting acquainted and comfortable enough for him to feel certain that with me . Nothing but everything that you want and desire is going to happen !!! Inbox me so we can set things up . I can help you with your first-ever request as well !!
Just beginning on the site and lifestyle so not sure how to inbox you!!! but I definitely would like to set something up for the weekend after next 10-4-14 or 10-5-14....
Sounds fun. .. I'm fairly new myself. But you go to my profile it shows a few different lines saying profile post, recent activity, etc.... press the one that says information and then you can send a private message that only I can see ....