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    hello young woman of Algerian origin, 30, 1m70, 52 kg My husband is a wimp and he wants me to be blackened, I would like to discuss and receive recommendations dominant black men
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    New to the life

    I have had a bbc cuckold fantasy for a long time now, just got married, very young, she is only 18, have slowly tried to introduce the idea of cuckolding without really saying it(she is extremely hesitant to new things sense I’m really the only the 2nd guy she’s been with) ... just brought up a...
  6. Young Wife - full video.mp4

    Young Wife - full video.mp4

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    Young sexy wife likes to be used like a play toy

    Wife is not blacked yet she is interested. She likes to be used and treated like a little slut. She watches IR porn and has two BBC didlos. Just need you guys to help convince she wants to see what you guys have in store. Use her, photo shop, cum tribute just give her that push. As I mentioned...
  8. Fun w/ William35 Mrs

    Fun w/ William35 Mrs

    @William35 thanks for the opportunity fun lady
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    Columbia SC young wife looking for BBC

    This will be her first BBC. Her birthday is next month so we'd like to set something up really soon! Message me