1. toofunforfun

    Local Cuckold Group

    Looking to make a group locally for fans of interracial and potential cuck to meet up! Anyone have any suggestions on how to start a meetup locally?
  2. A

    Another step

    Today I gave in and taken another inevitable step. Bought the meat locker fully encased chastity cage. It’s rubber and engulfs my penis and balls with little hoop at the tip and bottom of the ball sack. Cuckold journey feels nearer
  3. TaraQos

    junge Domina und Sissy auf der Suche nach einem großen bisexuellen BBC-König, bei dem wir einziehen könnten

    Bitte sprechen Sie Englisch, da wir nicht sehr gut Deutsch sprechen. Wir möchten bei Ihnen einziehen, wo immer Sie sind. Ich habe einige Vorlieben, also über 182 groß, 20 Schwanzgröße. Ich besitze eine hübsche Sissy, die ich gerne feminisiere und trainiere in meiner Freizeit, also suche ich...
  4. I

    whiteboi from turkey

    hi everyone. i'm just a curious wboy from turkey istanbul. am i banned from being here?
  5. A

    Normalizing making fun of small penis cucks.

  6. Borncuckold

    Modern White Marriage The visual guide book to sex in a Modern White Marriage...

    This is a visual guide book to sex in the Modern White Marriage...cuckolding, chastity, BBC, face-sitting and pegging! All the primary ways modern white couples have sex today!!
  7. BBCElsa97

    Passionate Swedish 24 yr old boy

    Hi! I'm a very passionate whiteboy from Sweden and I've been addicted to IR/BBC Porn since the age of 16. I've taken a vow of celibacy as I'm still a virgin & am happy to never lose it in favor of Interracial Porn / the Movement. I am extremely pro BNWO and consider black people superior in so...
  8. A

    Offering my use as amusement for girls pleasure.

  9. PhatSissyAss

    Want to pop my sissy cherry??

    I want a muscular black stud to take my anal virginity please message me privately so we can chat 💯🙌♠️🍑🍆😈🔥❤
  10. I

    21 yo slim smooth whiteboy looking for same age bulls

    Hey, I'm 21 and have been watching IR porn. Then I met a bbc and loved it. I can't find other bills anymore or girls that love bbc. Can you guys please send me a message that we can talk/chat meet? I'm in Ireland. :)
  11. I

    Any BBC bulls in Ireland? Whiteboy 21 wants to meet

    Hey, I recently discovered my urge for bbc I would like to meet some bbc bulls Currently I'm in Ireland. Are there any here? Please let me know;)
  12. TxSubBoy

    New to the scene and need cock & cum

    Im new to the scene. IR porn got me started.. Then transsexual bbc. The white boy take bbc. Those ******* videos do work. I have done alot have not penetrated anything with my small lil clitty in over 15 years. Im total submissive bottom needs advise. I know of zero bullz and I am single.. I...
  13. W

    New kik me

    Just found this site trying to turn my gf on to bbc. She's white and thick
  14. S

    My inferior white cock

    Can bbc lovers please give reactions and opinions? Say what they would want to do with it?